28 Feb 2017

The most awaited distribution in Q2 2017

The second quarter of 2017 promises to be very interesting.

Several distributions schedule their release between April and June 2017.

Apart from two usual competitors that issue their new releases every 6 months, Ubuntu and Fedora, we will see Tails 3.0 and Linux Lite 3.4.

This question is especially intersting since the latest release Fedora 25 falls below par on its quality. Are you disappointed of this distribution and give up, or you wait for new release with improved quality? You can also give your comments below.

Which of them do you expect to see more? Please vote below!

The poll is now closed. Please see the results.

1 comment:

  1. Personally the opinion about linux desktop - not servers made by "experts" (in any technical area) as programming. engineers etc ... I do not take it as final and adequate. Why? Because it is at the common user level of their day to day experience with an operating system which ultimately counts. Analogy: Computer experts are like, the perception of a Formula 1 car driver, is different from that of a common driver. And the user of these distros is always looking for a sedan. Simple, auto functional and that fills your everyday needs. That is why sometimes what a "expert" recommends is not the most appropriate for the common mortal user. I have been proving Linux for more than 19 years and maybe I have worked with more than 120 different versions. Participated in numerous forums. I consult daily during those years the main pages eb GNU / Linux. But anyway we appreciate the different contributions. My personal opinion.