4 Apr 2017

Users wait for Ubuntu more than any other distribution

Linux notes from DarkDuck blog likes to run different polls for the readers. The most recent poll was about the most awaited distribution for the second quarter of 2017. It is time now to check the results.

There were several options in the poll, and one of them was to name your own distribution that you look forward seeing in the near future. There was a big variety of the names in that list. To simplify the table, I only put individual names where at least two votes were given for the same operating system. All the single votes were summarised under the "Other" tag.

Here is the table with the poll results:

Ubuntu 17.04 61
Fedora 26 26
Linux Lite 3.4 19
Tails 3.0 12
Debian 6
Linux Mint 6
Arch 3
Opensuse Leap 42.3 2
Other 18

In the graphical view, the poll results look like this:

Poll results
It is very clear that about one third of the voters want to see the next release of Ubuntu operating system, which is due to be released on the 13th of April 2017. Have you pre-ordered your disk yet?

The next option by popularity was Fedora 26, which got more the two times less votes. Linux Lite 3.4 was on the third place, not too far away from Fedora.

Do you agree with the poll results? What is your most expected distribution?


  1. Small sample but very interesting to see the interest in Linux Lite

  2. Debian is the best, the BEST, except for 3yr upgrades, so Ubuntu, is the best, the BEST, er almost