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  1. How about Linux Mint? Its based on Ubuntu and Its one of the most downloaded and easiest versions of linux available (for stats : )

    1. I have written about Mint many times. None of the articles are on the top of my list, as opposite to Distrowatch.

  2. You got to try knoppix
    In May of 2012 the latest versions of knoppix were released, it’s still got some bugs but is worth a try. I’ve been going from distro to distro and it seems like I always come back to knoppix, I have two variations of knoppix 7.01 each on a 32GB flash and take them in my pock every place I go

    1. I tried Knoppix several times, although that wasn't version 7.
      The issue with Knoppix is in LXDE which does not work well with multiple languages and keyboard layout switch. I'd try to stay away from LXDE distros because of that.

    2. actually I love KNOPPIX as a LIVE system, and one of the things I love about it is the ability (on DVD; CD doesn't provide enough space) to enter
      linux desktop=kde/gnome...
      and NOT have knoppix boot in its default LXDE; but use KDE, GNOME. Not all desktops are available for all versions; 6.7 allowed both KDE & GNOME; but re-mastering Knoppix is easy to do if you want to include other programs or in this case desktops.. [extremely late reply]

  3. First, I love your reviews. Second, have you ever reviewed Netrunner?

    1. Thanks for nice words!
      Unfortunately, Netrunner has never been reviewed on this blog. Should I?

  4. i am using peppermint 3 its based on LXDE interface.i don t have a problem switching between languages though u need to type some commands in the terminal,well that takes few mins :)i needed a light weight ditro coz flash player takes too much ram :D i usually play online games on my laptop.Ubuntu was my first distro followed by opensuse,linux mint and many others i have tried.But i felt ubuntu was the best in terms of customization until unity showed up :).For newbies Pinguy OS is also good ubuntu based distro (alternative to mint and ubuntu) but its based on gnome 2 and they have active forums to support u.u can check it out :)

    1. Radikin,
      I have already reviewed the distributions you mentioned: Peppermint, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Mint, Pinguy OS - all are covered.

  5. hi,
    i want to install whats up in fedora 23.. may i knnw the procedure

  6. I have Zorin Ultimate and have problem installing this on MSI Z97A Gaming7 with Radeon R390 Series.
    If you can help with step by step how do that it will be great.
    I try find solutions on many websides. Cannot put drivers to the ISO operating system linux?

    1. Hi Lukas,
      Based on the hardware in your computer, it looks like you should be able to boot and install a USB of Zorin OS 12 Ultimate without making changes to the drivers.

      If you're experiencing issues with booting the USB or installing Zorin OS, please make sure that your copy of Zorin OS hasn't been corrupted during the download process. You can do this by verifying the checksum of your downloaded file by following these instructions:

      After installing Zorin OS to your hard driver, you can install the full AMD Radeon drivers by following these steps:
      Install the latest software updates by going to the Zorin menu > search & open "Software Updater"
      Download the Ubuntu 16.04 version of the official AMD driver from here:
      Open the file browser and navigate to the "Downloads" folder
      Right-click on the amdgpu-pro .tar.xz file and select "Extract Here"
      Open the newly-extracted folder and double click on the "amdgpu-pro-install" file to "Display" it
      Press Ctrl+F to search for "ubuntu" and replace the "ubuntu" text with "zorin" (without quotes)
      Save the file and close the text editor app
      In the file browser, press Ctrl+L to highlight the folder path and press Ctrl+C to copy it
      Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the Terminal
      Type "cd " + space and press Shift+Ctrl+P to paste the file path, before pressing the Enter key to enter the command
      Enter this command to install the drivers: ./amdgpu-pro-install -y
      After the installation is complete, please restart your computer to apply the changes