28 Feb 2013

9 Best Tools for LINUX Admin

System managers are in serious need of the right tools to help manage their systems and environments. There are many different Linux tools that can help administration managers deal with unruly environments. These tools are some of the most highly rated in the business. While the following list of tools may not be the most well known tools, they are by far some of the best Linus tools that can help administrators in a variety of ways. The benefits of these tools are truly limitless.

18 Feb 2013

Linux Mint Contest

This contest is now over.

Linux notes from DarkDuck, together with other organizers, recently ran a contest for the lovers of Zorin OS. That contest had a great success. That's why I think this is a good idea to repeat the contest.

PACKT Publishing has recently announced the release of their book Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginner's Guide. This is a good reason to run a contest about Linux Mint, and award the winner with a FREE copy of the book.

Of course, you still have an option to buy this book:
However, read on to get a chance to get it for FREE!