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My name is Dmitry. But many people in the Internet know me as DarkDuck (darkduck). I am the owner of resource http://darkduck.com, which includes many of my projects. You are currently visiting one of them - Linux Notes from DarkDuck. More resources can be accessed by links on your left.

I am in IT area for all my life. Or seems like this. That's why I have lots of experience here. But most of it is around ERP systems in general, and SAP in particular.

I became interested in Linux system long ago, but closely only in autumn 2010. How has it started? Please read my first post here.

This blog is for everyone who is interested in the world of software in general, but in Open Source software in particular. Here I put down my experience with different versions of Linux (and some other) Operating Systems, and applications written to be used in it.

There are some posts which you may want to visit to understand how, why and what I cover in my posts:
I am originally from Russia, but currently live in the United Kingdom. So, I speak both Russian and English fluently. I can also read some French or German, but would not claim that I can understand everything there. 8-)
If you wish to contact me, you can leave a comment on the post you're interested in, or write me darkduck @ darkduck {dot} com.
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Good luck!

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