27 Mar 2014

Why an Open Software and What Are the Benefits

Essentially, an open-source software or OSS is a kind of computer software which has its source code made available and licensed by virtue of such a license agreement which authorizes the copyright holder to study, modify and distribute the software to anyone, without any further charges and for any purpose whatsoever.

18 Mar 2014

Pre-order your personal copy of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu 14.04

You have been waiting for long 2 years!

With the coming release of next long-term support version of Ubuntu 14.04 just a month away, many of you already looking for downloading of your own ISO image of the system. Yes, that's the next version, codenamed Trusty Tahr.

But many of you are not so lucky, and will need to wait longer, because you can not or do not want to create their own CDs with operating system images.
We can help!

You can pre-order your own copy of Ubuntu 14.04 (or Xubuntu, or Lubuntu, or Kubuntu) right now. It means that a DVD with your favourite OS will be burnt to you as early as possible, and dispatched on the 19th of April 2014, or soon after. Dispatched to anywhere in the world.

You may ask why it is 19th of April, if the release date is the 17th of April? This is because 18th of April is a bank holidays in the United Kingdom - Good Friday. Royal Mail will not process any post on this day.

How you can get the DVD? Go to http://buylinuxcds.co.uk site, purchase the Ubuntu DVD from there, and in the PayPal comments state that you want version 14.04. If you want K-, L- or Xubuntu, state it also in the same comment. That's easy.

To help you even further, here is a mini-shop which you can use straight away. It supports PayPal checkout, similar to Buy Linux CDs site. And you even don't need a PayPal account to pay - you can do this with your credit a debit card!

UK (2.00 GBP):
Ubuntu 14.04 pre-order (UK)

USA (6.00 USD):
Ubuntu 14.04 pre-order (USA)

Other countries (4.00 GBP):
Ubuntu 14.04 pre-order (Other countries)

And yet another alternative: you can purchase the same disks via eBay.

11 Mar 2014

Recommended reading for Linux beginners

Linux popularity increases every day. That’s the fact we all face. More and more people come to the Linux world. It means that more and more people become interested in the beginners-level information about Linux.

I have recently published a guest post with a video introduction into Linux world from CBT Nuggets. It became really popular.

Today I want to let you know about some other resources that may help Linux beginners.

6 Mar 2014

Run your own repository with Apt-Mirror

I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) and 12.04 (Precise) for a while now and as I like the Gnome 2 type desktop (Classic) I would love to continue using them into the future. But there will come a time (Precise ends April 2017, Lucid already stopped last year) when support will seize and quite possibly the repositories of their software packages will fold up as well; meaning that we won't be able to install new applications any longer.

One solution is to create your own repositories of all the software packages they offer. They can then be stored on your own computer or external hard drive. I won't get into the possibility of creating it for Internet or LAN streaming; but just for your own use.

The basic idea is to sync the repositories of your choice with the ones on your own computer. The application apt-mirror does just that. It downloads the package lists. Then compares it with the existing files you already have and eventually downloads the new one. There is also the option to delete previous versions of those new packages.

4 Mar 2014

Your most expected Linux distribution is...

I have asked you recently about the most expected Linux distribution due to official release within next 3 months.

The options in the poll were Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, OpenMandriva, Tails, Tanglu, or other.

It is time now to announce the results.