29 Mar 2013

ZINIO contest extended

Are you aware that Linux notes from DarkDuck runs a contest together with Zinio? I hope you are.

And I am sure you have already submitted your entry. Not yet? I am happy to announce that the contest dates extended! You have 5 more days to submit your articles. Closing date is now the 31st of March 5th of April 2013.

Good luck!

28 Mar 2013

Order your own disk with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Lubuntu 13.04 NOW!!!

With the coming release of next long-term support version of Ubuntu 13.04 just a month away, many of you already looking for downloading of your own ISO image of the system.
But many of you are not so lucky, and will need to wait longer, because you can not or do not want to create their own CDs with operating system images.
Here we are to help!
You can pre-order your own copy of Ubuntu 13.04 (or Xubuntu, or Lubuntu, or Kubuntu) right now. It means that a DVD with your favourite OS will be burnt to you as early as possible, and dispatched on the 25th of April, or soon after. Dispatched to anywhere in the world.
How you can get the DVD? Go to http://buylinuxcds.co.uk site, purchase the Ubuntu DVD from there, and in the PayPal comments state that you want version 13.04. If you want K-, L- or Xubuntu, state it also in the same comment. That's easy.

To help you even further, here is a mini-shop which you can use straight away. It supports PayPal checkout, similar to Buy Linux CDs site. And you even don't need a PayPal account to pay - you can do this with your credit a debit card!

UK (2.00 GBP):
Ubuntu 13.04 pre-order (UK)

USA (6.50 USD):
Ubuntu 13.04 pre-order (USA)

Other countries (4.50 GBP):
Ubuntu 13.04 pre-order (Other countries)

And yet another alternative: you can purchase the same disks via eBay.

14 Mar 2013

From US Soldier to IT Manager... with Linux Mint

During my earlier years, I was in the US military as an enlisted soldier. Money was extremely tight for my wife and I, but I had a passion for computers.

I couldn't afford a new system, and certainly couldn't afford to pay for Microsoft Windows. So, I purchased a used computer from a yard sale that had no operating system on it.

A friend gave me a Linux Mint (version 6) CD-ROM, and I installed it on the system. Since then, I have tried many different operating systems on many different computers. 

I now own a tech services store and am IT manager for two businesses. We use Linux Mint at work, at the store, and promote it with our customers daily. 

Although I dabble with many different Linux distributions, nothing comes close to matching Linux Mint.

From freedom came elegance. From elegance came stability, reliability, and usability.

This is a guest post by David Bowlin, which won the 2nd prize in the Linux Mint contest where the main prize was the book Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginner’s Guide. David received the second  prize: a disk with his favourite distribution Linux Mint Cinnamon from Buy Linux CDs.

10 Mar 2013

Win a Free Magazine Subscription in the Zinio Contest

The contest is over! The results are announced!

The latest contest, which I organized together with PACKT Publishing, is now over. Results announced and prizes are on their way.

Now I am already happy to announce a new contest!

This time round, Linux notes from DarkDuck runs a contest together with Zinio.

Zinio is a great place to subscribe to your favourite magazines in an electronic format.

Just few facts about Zinio:

  • Thousands of top magazines from around the world. You can browse and purchase subscriptions or single issues instantly from your computer or mobile device to read wherever and whenever you like
  • Explore section lets you read – even without a subscription – thousands of articles from your favorite magazines and share them with friends
  • Use on iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phones and tablets, laptop or desktop
  • For use on Kindle Fire, follow these steps: http://imgs.zinio.com/faq/fire.html

In particular, Zinio distributes iconic Linux-related magazines like Linux Format, Linux User and Developer and others. Of course, more magazines available too: from PC Magazine to Cosmopolitain, from PC World to Garden Illustrated Magazine.

If you participate in this contest, you have a chance to receive one of ten FREE subscriptions to any one of magazines from Zinio assortment! Yes, that means FREE!!!  Plus, one winner will also receive a disk with his favourite Linux distribution from Buy Linux CDs.

7 Mar 2013

Linux Mint is better for those who come from the world of Windows

Back in 2010 I was looking for jobs and I´ve always had a hobby interest in computer and found out that some work ads were asking for basic Linux skills.

I had not heard of Linux until then.

So I started asking friends who’s into computing if they knew about Linux and pretty soon I was told that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was probably the easiest Linux and with GNOME 2.x it was awesome.

5 Mar 2013

Some more off-line publications

It is actually not the first time this happens, but it is always nice to see that my articles are being published in a printed form.

The people from the magazine User and Linux, which is published in Ukraine in Russian, are my old friends. They have published some of my articles previously, and I have even made an interview with their ex-Chief Editor.

December issue of U&L saw 4 articles with my name in them. Here is the list:

Feel free to re-read the articles either in Russian in the magazine, or in English on my and ERACC's sites.

3 Mar 2013

Linux Mint Contest Results

Time flies by very quickly.
It seems that only yesterday I announced a Linux Mint contest on my blog.
Now it is time to tell you who the winners are.

Drums please!!