26 Jan 2016

4 Ways to Use Whatsapp Messenger on Your Computer

I have recently written about the Telegram Messenger, the secure way to exchange messages with your friends via Internet using your mobile device or computer.

However, Telegram is not the market leader in the world of mobile messengers. Who is? I think you guessed it right: Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was initially designed to work on mobile phones. As in Telegram and other mobile messengers, your account with Whatsapp is your phone number. But does it mean that a mobile device is the only way to use Whatsapp? As in the Telegram case, the answer is "no".

There are several ways to use the Whatsapp messenger on your computer. I specifically don’t mention "Linux" here. I will explain later why.

21 Jan 2016

4 tools to play Windows Games on Linux?

Linux operating systems gives the stability that Windows platform somewhere fails to deliver. But what about gaming? Can we compare Windows and Linux on gaming front? I don't think it will be a fare game to compare both on this aspect. Users who want to go with gaming will rarely use Linux and users who are comfortable with Linux operations will rarely go for Windows. Both are big competitors to each other and both have respective pros and cons.

But when it comes to gaming then Windows leads Linux somewhere. What does that mean, can't we play games on Linux? Well it's not true and today we can easily play most of the Windows games on our Linux system. Here I will showcase some tools that will convert your Linux machine into a gaming ware.

12 Jan 2016

5 ways to use the Telegram messenger on your Linux computer

Mobile technology develops rapidly nowadays. Do you remember that just 5-8 years ago the most you could get from your mobile device was phone calls and text messages?

Today your smartphone can do more than a typical computer could do 10 years go. Plus, smartphone is also mobile and very often connected to the Internet.

One of the areas that grows exponentially now among smartphone applications is instant messengers. The ability to send your friends messages through the Internet attracts many users, especially as these messages cost many-many times less than standard text messages (SMS). "Many-many times" actually means free. You only pay for the traffic you use, which is quite cheap except for roaming cases. And you can send cross-border messages at the same [nil] price as local, which is impossible to achieve for Mobile Network Operators.

If you still don't understand what messengers I am talking about, I'd like to name two: Whatsapp and Viber. You should have heard at least one of these names.

But I will not talk about these apps. I don't use them. I don't trust them.

What do I use? I use Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Facebook Messenger - because I use Facebook anyway. But what is Telegram you may ask?

Telegram is a relatively new player on this market. It has three benefits that make it stand out for me:
  1. it is open source.
  2. it is secure – you can get a serious prize for breaking its security!
  3. it is absolutely free and will never push ads.
At least, these are promises for now. And I trust them.

Telegram is available on your mobile phone AND on your desktop both, which is quite convenient when you share your time between both.

It is quite clear how you can use your messenger on the phone. But how can you run Telegram on the desktop? There are actually five ways to do so. Let's have a look at them.

5 Jan 2016

Linux-running car: can you feel me?

This is probably the least Linux related post on this blog... but still it has some words about Linux.

Tesla is one of the hottest discussion topics for few last years. Yes, this is a state-of-the art car that drives on electricity and offers you a pure pleasure... At least, that's what many reviewers and ads tell you.

I have had a chance to look inside this car and even sit in it. That's why I want to share my opinion on it.