13 Feb 2015

Next Achievement of Facebook Page of Linux Notes from DarkDuck - 500 likes!

I must admit I have never thought about this being possible.
You know that Facebook page of Linux notes from DarkDuck exists almost as long as the blog itself. The page got it 300th like in September 2014. It was only about 320 by mid-January 2015.
And then I saw the number of "Likes" rocketing! The level of 400 "Likes" has been passed on the 24th of January.
It was less than 3 weeks ago, and today, on the 12th of February 2015, I am happy to announce that the Facebook page took another level! There are more than 500 people who "Like" the Linux notes from DarkDuck page!

Thank you to all of you! I appreciate your dedication! I will keep the blog going! Stay connected!

12 Feb 2015

One name really stuck out - Zorin OS

Good morning / evening / afternoon / day / night whenever you are reading this. My name is Antonio and I really like Zorin OS.

I'm fairly new to the Linux community and I had a difficult time around at first when I stumbled across a few threads that were just distro wars. These sort threw me off track and I completely botched my first Arch linux install. Afterwards however, I found Ubuntu and found it to my liking for much except for a few things.

The first thing was the interface. Unity isn't ugly, but I prefer something a little more like the Windows UI that isn't controlled by a brown-orange background.

I then tried to install LXDE onto the distro, which then asked for root permissions to log on and I quickly lost that install as well.

After finding plenty of top 5 to top 50 distro lists, one name really stuck out. Just the name. Zorin OS. Its was a freaky cool name. I installed it quick and... Updates. I was dealing done with Windows updates so I won't lie that I was erked. Then I found out what the 500MB of downloads were for. All of the preloaded software and I flipped.

It was magnificent. I did a little research and found out that Zorin OS 8 was based on Ubuntu 13.10. Knowing that Ubuntu 14.04 was the LTS release, I waited for Zorin OS 9 to come out to buy the premium version.

I would definitely purchase Zorin OS 9 Ultimate if I didn't win it, but I am glad I had the chance to enter your contest.

Thank you!

This is a guest post by Larry Adams, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.

24 Jan 2015

Linux notes from DarkDuck Facebook page got more than 400 likes

Most of us like to be noticed. Being it vanity or just pride, it is very important when people like what you do.

That is why I keep informing you about achievements of this blog. Today I am happy to announce that the Facebook page of Linux notes from DarkDuck got more than 400 likes!

If you still haven't done so and if you have a Facebook page, it is your time to act! Like the page, and get the latest news from the blog directly in your Facebook timeline!

Of course, there are many other methods to subscribe to updates from Linux notes from DarkDuck too - look at the right side panel of the page!

15 Jan 2015

My business has been saved by Zorin OS

I just recently decided to "relocate".

I just started a company with a very tight budget. I was just tired of being a slave to the system so, I drained the account and decided to go for it.

One of the things that I required was a computer. I didn't have the funds left after getting the necessary tools to get one. Now, I'm in my early 40's and my grandparents offered me their old one.

You could only imagine how old that was, it's a Dell Dimension 3000. It still has the old boob tube type monitor. Quickly I said Yes! It had Windows XP on it. I went out to the local computer store and spent money I didn't have to obtain all the necessary software to keep my business going.

About a week after I got everything up and running, the notices started coming. At first I thought it was one of those scams but quickly I found out it was true. They were ending support for my operating system. Terrified I tried to get other operating systems but none would work.

My son gave me his old laptop to use however it's missing the v button, the / button, an arrow to the right, and the dvd drive is broken. But I push on. Still looking for operating system and being upset with windows, I vowed I would find something else. I searched long and hard then I found Zorin OS!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! You made my transition from windows to Linux so easy to figure out. I'm extremely happy to say I will never return to Windows. Because of you guys there, my business has been saved! I quickly realized that I don't have to be forced to follow Windows. There are other options.

I now have 2 computers at my home office and one laptop that all run Zorin.

This is a guest post by Larry Adams, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.

30 Dec 2014

Linux Antique

I have mentioned several times that my acquaintance with Linux started somewhere in the XX century, long before it became a part of our everyday life. It was in a form of Linux distribution downloaded from the Internet, and in a form of CD I bought from a stall on one of the markets in Moscow.

I have recently found the CD I bought that time.

Let me introduce you to Linux Antique, aka Red Hat 5.2 KDE.

I hope you like the Linux history.

And if you want to buy a Linux disk for yourself, you can always use a service from Buy Linux CDs site.

23 Dec 2014

DarkDuck wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello to all my readers!

Year 2014 has almost gone. It was difficult for many of us. It was full of pleasures for many of us too.

It was turbulent and difficult for myself. There were many changes in my personal life, in my work, in my location. But I cannot say that there were no nice moment. They were.

Let's leave all bad memories in 2014, and let's hope for good times in 2015!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best in the coming year!

Stay tuned to Linux notes from DarkDuck.

4 Dec 2014

Zorin: That is Flexibility!

I will start off by saying that I am a 67 year old retired male who is only moderately computer savvy.

I started out using Linux with the Mandrake version about 8 years ago as an experiment. I was upset with Windows 95 & 98 because it would continuously freeze up and eventually would ruin the hard drive. Not to mention the virus problems.

I tried Lindows for a while because I liked their repository and the ease at which one could download and install programs. After a few years Lindows which had changed its name to Linspire was discontinued so I switched to Ubuntu with the KDE GUI desktop.

About 2 years ago I tried Zorin 6.0 and have used it and upgraded it on one of my computers since. I especially like the Zorin OS desktop experience because I can change it to look like Windows 7 or like Mac. That is flexibility! I also enjoy the Ubuntu type repository system!

I feel that anyone who has never tried Linux and wants to convert over to Linux from Windows should try a Linux system that is most like Windows - that would be Zorin.

This is a guest post by Harry S. Durham, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.