6 Dec 2018

Growing Your Small Business With An Affordable OS

Your small business needs to grow, there's no doubt about that. Expansion is the name of the game when you have a one or two man company, and you're going to want to bring on at least 20 or more people to really get the cogs grinding. And if you're working on a digital interface, slowly phasing pen and paper out of the office you operate in, you're going to need plenty of people around to oil the engine and keep the tech in a usable state.

Because of this, technology helps your small business grow, and can do quite a few wonders for the time and effort you invested into it. Even if you're working on a minimal budget, there's quite a few option to look into to make sure you've got just as much of a chance as the shop next door to you that seems to have a never ending stream of customers. After all, you've got to get your internal processes working perfectly first, and with a bit of technological aid, you might manage that faster than you first thought.
This is where all your data is stored, make sure you’re putting this kind of tech to good use in your business!

Find an OS That's Ready Packaged for Your Business

If we're talking in terms of the Linux OS here, which we usually are, you're going to be able to unwrap a business server as soon as the box is delivered to your office. Ready made for your needs, available to upload whatever kind of data and security onto, a Linux operated network for your small company could just be the very thing to kickstart your operations. After all, you need to take the time to get your entire network and company policy set up, and that could be a good week or even a month out of your timeframe! 

And if you've got something ready to be operated off of immediately, all of the employees you work with can set up their accounts and get to logging on with this network as soon as they're required to. It's a streamlined process that might just be invaluable to your deadline of opening up your doors for the first time. 

Get An OS That's Stable

If you're running a small business, and want your own network placed on a dedicated server within that business, then you're going to want a stable operating system that can handle multiple access points that’s always available. After all, we're acquainted with all kinds of network servers, whether within the corporate or the video gaming industry, going down without warning or needing excess maintenance, and that could be a real hindrance for your business in its current state. You want something you can rely on, something that's going to allow you to work away without interruption, and even be the absolute dream of bigger businesses who pay hundreds each month to keep their OS in a workable state. 

And that's where an operating system such as Linux could come in for you. Not only can a relatively less popular OS be a lot cheaper for your needs at the moment, but Linux's reputation guarantees you dedicated and stable servers that you can load whatever data you want onto. After all, Linux is often used in business to keep their operations afloat, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors, as well as in bigger, far reaching operations such as NASA. 

Simply put, you need to make sure you're always online for a customer to contact you, and that your products and services are always available for download. 

Be Sure to Find an OS That Can Use Tools

If you're planning to expand your business with the use of technology, then you're going to have to think and organize with the future in mind. After all, you're not going to have only one or two employees for long, and you're going to want to make sure you're ready for bringing on a bigger and better task force within the next 6 months or so. That's going to take quite a few apps or tools implemented in your system to keep streamlined. 

So not only are you going to need an operating system for your network that's ready to go as soon as possible, and can also handle a hundred or more people logging onto it at once, but you're going to need to pad it out with tools that make sure you're never losing sight of all the people that work under you. Even matters that seem trivial right now, such as the scheduling necessary for a coherent and effective workforce, need to be focused on in your run up to expansion. 

So to round this off, be sure to find something that's going to help you organize time off requests, in a timely and neat manner. And thankfully, with something like Linux to help you out, you're going to manage this with no problems at all. 

Ultimately, Make Sure Your OS is Accessible

If you're planning to bring in more and more people to your business, to make sure it's got the resources behind it to grow to at least twice its current size by next year, then you're going to need technology that everyone can use. No matter their skill level in other areas of the job they were hired for, if a potential employee walks into your office and sits down at a computer desk without any idea over what they need to do next to get something done, they're going to be hindered in doing some good work for you.

Sure, you can implement all kinds of training programs to make sure situations like these are never more trouble than they're worth, but you've got to be conscious of your budget at the same time. And if you've only got one investor, or a single loan to operate off of, it's going to be hard to keep everyone trained in the same experienced and professional manner before they get to do any work for you. So you're going to have to target this problem at the source, and make sure there's an operating system in front of your employees that they can get to know within a few minutes, or just a single hour. 

And something like Linux can pull that off perfectly! You can use Linux enabled laptops and computers all over the office, and it won't be hard for anyone who comes into contact with them to get to grips with what this technology allows. After all, Linux has a lot of powerful and capable output that's presented in a simple and approachable manner, and you could even sponsor your own computer geniuses here. 

Ready to Grow Your Small Business?

You've got to be at this point, seeing as there's plenty you can do in just a few short days to make sure your small business has all the technological capability it will ever need. At this point, don't let yourself worry too much over the ins and outs

Read up on reviews, look at what kinds of companies are already using an operating system you've got your eye on (to see if they're similar to your own, and thus a good reference point), and then work out the price you'd need to shill out on a yearly basis. It's a process designed to help you, so make sure the decision never hinders you in return. 

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15 Nov 2018

More Than Memory Sticks: Sharing Data Between Systems Without The Internet

Nowadays, you don't have to put much effort into accessing your data. Whenever you create a file on your phone, laptop, or any other device, you can easily save it somewhere which all of your devices have access to. This makes it possible to access your important documents wherever you are, and this is something which people are getting far too used to. In fact, for some, moving data without the help of the internet sounds like witchcraft, especially when there isn't a memory stick involved. To show you just how easy this is, this post will be exploring the three main operating systems, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, giving you an idea of what to expect from their peer-to-peer data transfer systems.

20 Sep 2018

The best editor for PHP developers who work in Linux OS

Working in Linux? Have no idea how to simplify your life? The given article will shed light on some essential stats regarding PHP browsing through the basic things to brush up and refresh your programming knowledge. It introduces the new code editor, its installation and basic elements.

Every programmer knows that coding is fun! Don't you agree with me? However, to be an absolutely professional PHP developer, we have to know a lot about all the specific details of coding.

Selecting the editor you are going to use to happily code is not an easy decision and must be taken unhurriedly.

If you are a beginner, you may try a great code editor with a rich functionality and very flexible customization which is known as Atom Editor, the editor of the XXI century. You may say that we have many pretty alternatives available. Read the explanation below, and the introduced information will knock you off!

Atom for PHP developers who work in Linux is evaluated as an open-source, seamlessly usable, hackable, highly customizable text editor and having special properties compared to the identical software. There so many appropriate synonyms can be found. The program itself supports a wide range of different programming languages allowing to easily creating texts and tailoring the editor to suit their needs. Surprisingly, this feature can be considered as an undeniable merit of the editor. Moreover, it supports all three operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Any specialist can freely customize, add and expand the editor, which gives an absolutely incredible sense of power. If you're using Atom, it means you have a bunch of options to integrate. Do not forget that it is also a solid tool for writers thanks to the 6100+ packages it features. Therefore, nowadays we can confidently say that Atom capabilities become unlimited. Needless to say, the Atom editor has become the entrusted code editor for so many developers. My recommendation is rather than to use two or even three different programs, wouldn't better have it in just one more simplified version?

Before you can install the Atom on Linux, make sure that your PC meets the system requirements. To get started working with the editor, you'll need to download it from the main website or directly from repository. Ready? Now it is high time to launch the application. You will be able to see this image, or something similar, depending on your graphical theme:

It's now became super easy to install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu. Do not worry! You don't need to compile the code by yourself! There are two simple and convenient ways to install Atom using a APT repository: 

For Ubuntu and Debian you can also use the standard repository: sudo apt-get install atom

If you run a different distribution, check the availability in your own distro's repository too.

That is it for now. Wasn't it complicated? 

Just a friendly reminder. Here are some useful plugins:
  • open-recent - allows you to open recent files.
  • minimap - a code map.
  • highlight-selected - to highlight the selection.
  • linter-php - shows on the fly the errors in the syntax of PHP.
  • file-icons - shows beautiful pictures to file extensions.
  • merge-conflicts - a convenient plugin for resolving conflicts in git.
  • sort-lines - sort the lines.
  • remote-ftp - All for working with FTP / FTPS / SFTP.
The last thing I want to share with you is that the editor has increased my productivity as a beginning developer, and I hope it does the same thing for you.

However, despite these positive aspects, we should keep in mind that Atom has its drawbacks, such as the slowness of processing the file. For example, when you open a file or simply go between tabs, there can be a delay etc. 

On the other side, we are 100% confident in the future of the platform on which Atom is built, because web technologies are developed jointly by the entire industry.

Play well around with snippets and shortcuts!

Do you think it has the potential to become your probably favorite text editor?

Hope it will clear your doubts about this editor! 

Have a happy exploration! 

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a contributor of guest articles for different blogs. So, she can write about anything really. Currently, she works for Best Smart Essay Company and enjoys remote work very much because it gives opportunities to travel around the world, see different places and enrich the mind with knowledge. She likes meditation and yoga and believes that sport and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to living a long life.

16 Aug 2018

Learn how to install several VPN protocols on your Linux device

Operating systems appear as all-around tools that facilitate our interactions with our devices and even the Internet itself. They manage and organize all of our apps, files, documents, programs, and other vital elements.

Among them, Windows and macOS are the most popular for desktop computers, while iOS and Android take the crown for smartphones and tablets. The order may vary year to year, but these are the market leaders.

However, there are other operating systems with a serious market share. One of them is Linux, which is quickly gaining traction as one of the most reliable and secure alternatives for those that want to explore other options.

2 Aug 2018

Best Health And Fitness Tools For Linux

No matter which type of profession you are in, a busy schedule might interfere with your fitness goal. Some professionals have to work beyond the scheduled time than 8AM to 5PM job. Moreover, some might have regular weekend and home assignments. This ever-growing group of workers today and their commitments and timetables made it difficult to maintain a proper schedule for dieting and focusing on some physical fitness exercises.

So living inside a busy schedule it has become a challenge to keep track of what we do, what we eat and how our heart works.

Thanks to technology for the beautiful gift of fitness tracker that have come a long way for which now Linux professionals or home-users can keep track of what portion of their daily workouts have been completed and what needs to be done, any time, right on our reach.

As an avid Linux user, I've personally used few tools that have been proved helpful to stay healthy by getting me used to ergonomic habits. Let me name some of the best native Linux apps for fitness.

12 Jul 2018

Top 5 MMORPGs for Linux

If you think Linux is only for servers and people who don't like watching YouTube videos or playing games, you're wrong! Linux is one of the most versatile operating systems in the world and is quickly developing into a beautiful environment where cool games can run natively.

For instance, Steam is now native to Linux! Not to mention, there are plenty of Linux-compatible games to try and most of them feature commercial quality. Sadly, MMORPGs are still a bit behind when it comes to Linux, but not for long! Still, there is a way around this as there are several cool games to try even when all you have is the dear old Linux. Below we'll list five of the most fun and entertaining MMORPGs that run natively on Linux.

28 Jun 2018

Linux on a 20th century laptop

Starting with a 20th century computer that struggled to run Windows95.

Figure 1. Compaq Armada 4131T
I didn't want to let such a neat little piece of tech go to waste, but in order to make it usable radical changes were needed.