8 Jun 2012

Winners of the Zorin OS contest

There was a contest...

If you are unaware of it, you have probably missed a good chance to win a prize.
If you are aware, but have not taken part, then you have probably missed a good chance to win a prize too.
And if you have taken part in contest, then we all, Zorin OS team, Linuxaria and DarkDuck, say "thank you"!

The joint contest had a great success. We have received many more submissions than we ever expected. Honestly!
It was a hard work for us to choose the winners, but finally we found the best-of-the-best.

Here is the list of winners:

  1. DVD with Zorin OS 6 Premium goes to Connie who wrote a wonderful poem In Praise of Zorin Linux.
  2. 15 USD bonus at Desura (or alternative) from Linuxaria goes to Ken Cominsky who wrote The Story of Zorin: A Modern Day (computing) Fairy Tale.
  3. 10 GBP voucher for Amazon.co.uk from BuyLinuxCDs site goes to Gary Newell who wrote I started using LINUX because I didn't want to wait 20 minutes to find out the weather forecast.
  4. CD with any Linux distribution of his choice from Linux Notes from DarkDuck goes to Steven Abeyta and his Discovering Zorin OS.
  5. 1 Gb USB stick  from Linux Notes from DarkDuck goes to Joe Chang who wrote I always come back to Zorin OS.

The winning articles will be published on respective resources, along with some other submissions, which did not get the prize, but deserve publishing nonetheless. So, keep tuned to us!


  1. Thanks Dmitry and the guys from Zorin and Linuxaria

  2. Thanks to you Gary, and to all the partecipants.

    Riccardo from Linuxaria