29 Nov 2016

Does Linux community trust Microsoft?

The hype of few past weeks was all about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation as a platinum member. I purposely don't put any link in here because only a lazy blogger missed that news in his blog. I am a lazy blogger. And I write about different things.

Does actually Linux community like Microsoft? Does actually Linux community trust Microsoft? I cannot answer the first question for sure, but I have a sure answer for the second question.

I published two articles in the last few months about cloud storage offered by two different companies in the world, and about their use with Linux. One of them was about Yandex.Disk and another about Microsoft OneDrive. Each article contains a referral link that allows you to get additional 0.5 Gb storage when you register for the service. And I get additional 0.5 Gb per user too.

Just so you could check yourselves, here are these links: Yandex.Disk and OneDrive.

Each of the services gives me statistics on how many users used my link. And the results pretty much show the trust level:

  • Yandex.Disk - 18
  • Microsoft OneDrive - 3



  1. This comes as no surprise. Granted M$ are making moves to be recognized in the open source communities, but because of it's past track record? It won't happen. How many companies were fooled into thinking M$ had their best interests at heart, only to be "acquired" and then later extinguished? No. The Linux communities will never fully trust M$. They could offer us their entire software catalog, but it wouldn't be enough. There's just something sinister behind the shiny, brand-new appearance of their wares. Not to mention they swore they were NOT collecting and sending data to anyone, then it was proven that they WERE, how can you trust someone like that? Nah, they can keep their VisualBasic, their SQL Server, their Office suite, and anything else they want to claim as theirs. I HAVE a database management system, quite a few really (MariaDB, PostGreSQL, CouchDB NoSQL etc.) I HAVE an office suite (LibreOffice, Calligra, OpenOffice etc.) I HAVE all the things I need so why go and try to mingle the two? One is open sourced and can be modified by me and is FREE, the other is proprietary, and MAY have backdoors built into ti, and MAY be spying on me, and COSTS MONEY, and REQUIRES a LICENSE, and will eventually require me to BUY IT AGAIN when the version I have stops being compatible with whatever technology is coming down the pike...in short? No Thanks MicroSoft, I'm good.

    1. There is saying that "First you work for your reputation, then reputation works for you". This is the same case, isn't it?

  2. In no way do I trust Microsoft, this resembles the red caperusite tale