18 Feb 2014

What is your most expected distribution?

Distrowatch.com, no doubt, is one of the most respectable resource for the Linux and, more generic, open source enthusiasts. This site's the most known feature is to list all possible Linux distributions available around the world. It may be your first point of contact if you are looking for the distribution of your choice.

Other than listing the distributions, Distrowatch also tracks reviews of them. DarkDuck is proud that his several reviews are listed there. Just to name a few: Ubuntu, KubuntuXubuntuMageia, PCLinuxOSPorteus, Dynebolic, Kongoni, Agilia, SliTaz, Crunchbang, PuppyROSA.

Yet another feature of Distrowatch is announcement for coming releases for Linux distributions. If you look at the list of distributions due to be released within next 3 months, which one is the most interesting for you? Which new release are you looking for most?

Please vote! The results will be announced in a couple of weeks.


  1. LInux Mint is about 3 months away from release as well.

    I myself am torn between Xubuntu and Linux Mint Cinnamon

    1. Linux Mint does not have a fixed / planned release date, as Mint is released with Debian approach: "When ready". Therefore, it is not valid to say it is within 3 months. It is likely to be within 3 months, but noone can guarantee that.
      In the meantime, "Other" option is there for your vote. :)

  2. Kubuntu, running KDE 4.12.2 on Kubuntu 13.10

    So far so good

  3. Can't really vote; not waiting for any.

    Happy with openSuSE 13.1; SolydK (recommended by someone here!), & debian ; not so much Fedora 20 (no chromium, sound issues in KDE, & petty issues; hopefully they'll be fixed soon)

    In recent days looked for RPM based to switch older fedora machines too (using unused [monthly] bandwidth quota), but now in new month I've stopped looking.. DarkDuck's post on Emmabuntus made it sound worthwhile (wish i'd grabbed it), but saw post two hours into my ISP's new 'month'

    1. I should have added an option "against all" :)