20 Dec 2012

The Best New Features of Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distro for desktop users, moves to the cloud with the new Ubuntu 12.10, codenamed Quantal Quetzal.

The world of computing is changing rapidly. We're moving to a cloud based, multi-device computing world, and Ubuntu has evolved accordingly. The latest 12.10 version of Ubuntu includes several improvements over the last stable release, 12.04, and also includes a bunch of new features bound to please both desktop and server users.

Although Ubuntu 12.10 is very similar to the last Ubuntu release, 12.04, it has several improvements on the desktop version, including bug fixes and a few new features. Some of the major changes include:

1. Massive Cloud Services Integration

Cloud based services like Google Drive, Facebook, etc. now integrate directly into the Dash command centre. Now you can search for not just local files, but also dig through your data in the cloud with a single click of the Dash command centre.

Further, Ubuntu 12.10 includes native support for many web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. After authenticating your accounts (on Gmail, Facebook, etc.), you can display alerts for new mail and messages in the consolidated notification area, turning the desktop into a full-fledged web portal.

Additionally, the Dash looks better with a new skin and improved functionality, such as the ability to run files in the preview screen itself.

2. Faster Application Installation

Installing applications has been a sore point for new Ubuntu users, and the 12.10 release finally gets things right. You can simply open the Dash, find the Application Lens, and right click on an application to install it, without even opening the Ubuntu Software Centre.

3. Tablet Ready Interface

Ubuntu 12.10 is built from the ground up to work on ARM processor based tablet devices. This means you will finally be able to use the same interface on your tablets as on your desktop, laptop, and server.

4. Remote Login

The Ubuntu login prompt now features an additional option: remote login. With remote login, you can set up remote connections without resorting to VNC or RDP tools. Power users will love this new feature, which is sorely lacking in competing operating systems, including the new Windows 8.

5. Better for Developers

Ubuntu 12.10 ships with Python 3, Firefox 13, and Thunderbird 13, along with Linux Kernel 3.4, GCC 4.7, and GNOME 3.6 In other words, developers find Ubuntu the best environment for writing code and creating software.


Ubuntu 12.10 is the latest and the greatest version of Ubuntu to date with several new features for developers, servers, and ordinary desktop users. Ubuntu has always been stable and secure, but version 12.10 adds support for cloud based applications which competing operating systems still lack. Whether you are running a desktop or a server, you can't go far wrong with Ubuntu 12.10.

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