30 Apr 2012

Announcing the poll results

A month ago I announced a poll regarding recent changes in the blog. There were different questions about different aspects of the articles I publish.
It is time now to get the results published.

In total, there were 19 voters. That's much less than total number of subscribers I have. Probably, all the rest could only select "I don't care" option, and accept blog as it is, or whatever it can be. That's fine.

Now, let's see at the opinions of others.

Blog editors

I have asked you, whether it was easier to read blog posts in good English (i.e. after passing it though native English editors) or in bad English I usually write.
The results are obvious here

Useful. It is easier to read good English.  13
Not useful. I liked the charm of your incorrect English.
I don't care

This means I'll continue my work with editors. Maybe I'll become professional enough myself at some point to write without their assistance, but this is too far yet.


I usually use screenshots of operating system in review, which feature some YouTube videos, if Flash is enabled in the distribution. Usually I prefer some video with nice lady pictured. I hope you don't mind?
The results are also quite obvious here:

I like those pictures 14
I prefer 'normal' screenshots who describe the default desktop looks
I don't care

This means I will continue with my strategy regarding the system screenshots.


I started to embed videos, which feature in the screenshot, at the end of the blog post. The poll results are not so obvious this time:

It is nice to be able to watch music videos 7 
I don't like those videos anyway 6
I don't care 5
like the videos but they don't get along with my dialup very well 1

There are as many likers as dislikers for the videos. I think I'll change the strategy now. Instead of embedding the video, I'll place a link to it. You can view it if you like. Or skip the link if you don't.


From time to time, I publish interviews with different people from the Linux community. Some of them are famous, like Carla Schroder, some are less known, as Danny from the ITLure blog. I asked you, whether you liked the interviews. Here are the results:

I like to read your interviews 12
I would prefer more reviews, not interviews

This means that I'll continue with the interviews. Maybe, I'll publish them not so often.

And finally, I got some comments in the poll form, which I would like to answer:

  • More pictures and preview pictures please.

Unfortunately, there are some readers of my blog who don't use broadband. They struggle to get images if there are more than 500k of those per post. That's why I try to keep number and size of images to a minimum.

  • It's impossible to enjoy your site on mobile devices as the ads takes up 90% of the screen :/

If you use mobile device, than you should be able to get special mobile version of the site. It does not have any ads at all. If your device does not do it automatically, you can add string "?m=1" at the end of URL to get the mobile view of the site.
Also, I have changed the ads provider recently. Quite intrusive and annoying ads from Clicksor were replaced with less distracting ads from Technorati Media. I hope this helps too.

Thanks again to all those who took part in the poll!


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