29 Apr 2011

What If Prince William And Kate Middleton Were Linux Fans

Today is great day in the UK. Day of another Royal Wedding.
Not only because this is just another Bank Holiday in this country. But also because this day continues monarchy. Hopefully Prince William and Kate Middleton will have baby soon, who can inherit British throne.
I actually don't know if William and Kate are Linux fans or not. Maybe they even have not heard about this great operation system.
But let's imagine they are great Linux lovers.
How can this change Royal Wedding ceremony?

  • bridal bouquet is arranged in the form of Ubuntu's logo
  • groom wears Fedora during the ceremony
  • bridesmaids wear Red Hats
  • procession to and from the church follows Debian spiral
  • church entrance is in form of Arch
  • little green gecko is bride's pet, and it presents at ceremony
  • Puppy is groom's pet, and it presents at ceremony too
  • guests are served with Mint tea
  • teapots are in the form of FreeBSD logo
  • ceremony ends up late in the night with fireworks in the form of Mandriva stars
  • whole ceremony costs just one Cent to UK taxpayers
Huh, the last bit is definitely just a dream.

Can you suggest any more ideas for ceremony? If you and your partner are going to be married soon, will you be using any of the ideas in your ceremony?


  1. Under their clothing they could be wearing Slackwear. ;)

  2. Hahaha. I surely wasn't expecting this when I saw the title. Loved it!

  3. @Eric:
    Slackwear is your favourite, I know. But I don't think PW and KM would do this. Nobody would learn about their Linux love if they did.

  4. @Danny:
    Thanks! I hope it amused you a little.

  5. @Anonymous (deleted comment):
    This is not political blog. If you have bad SOH, please do not put your political write ups here.

  6. Real amusing. Yours is the most entertaining piece about the Royal Wedding I've read.

    My contribution: After a ceremony full of Mageia, the Royal couple is taken to the Pyramids of Mepis for their honeymoon by Pardus' Kaptan.

  7. @Mechatotoro:
    Thanks for your contribution. I like your addition. 8-)

  8. I don't think they even know how to turn on a computer! (no offense)

  9. @Martik:
    I think he does know: http://goo.gl/ANUcy

  10. Let's hope their Chakras are strong. It would be a shame to Backtrack and have everything go CrunchBang!

  11. @James: I hope they will follow your kind advice!

  12. I wonder if Kate wore Mint flavoured edible undies :)

  13. The UK has pounds, shillings, pence and farthings, not cents. Well ok, disregard the farthings.

  14. soon the royal family will reveal the gnome of the new born

  15. How about "who gives a damn"? I am sick of hearing about these lazy Brits who have no more importance than Joe the bus driver.

  16. @john:
    I think no one will ever know even if she did.

  17. @Anonymous:
    The UK has pounds and pence. All other coins are now obsolete.
    But since we are in the era of globalization, it's easy to convert pounds/pence to cents.

  18. @Anonymous:
    I hope they will reveal soon. Shall we place bets on gender?

  19. @Anonymous:
    I think you meant "Damn Small Linux"?
    As for brits, they are always snobs. And whole world like/hate them for this.

  20. Fortunately I managed to completely avoid the Royal Wedding circus, in spite of it being on every TV channel in Australia, and for all I know on every radio station. I even managed to remain ignorant of her name, and then there was this.

    Gee thanks for nothing.

  21. And in the bedroom they will go Crunch Bang!

  22. @tracyanne:
    If you wanted to avoid, why did you read the post which lists names in title?

  23. That would be if they were Linux obsessed

  24. @Anonymous:
    Obviously they are not. But what does stop us from dreaming?

  25. @martin, I'm sure they use Twitter, but maybe from their phones :)

  26. quote::If you wanted to avoid, why did you read the post which lists names in title?

    Because you had already destroyed my self imposed ignorance with the title of the link you posted in LXer. I didn't come here to read the article, I came here to winge.

  27. @Go2liux:
    But if they use it from the phones, there is a good chance that they use Unix-based system in form of Android or iOS.

  28. @tracyanne:
    Sorry to hear I broke you self built castle. Are you like a princess there and require someone to save you? My post is an attempt to break the castle! 8-)

  29. and ClamAV ???

  30. @Anonymous:
    What do you mean by "ClamAV"? I am not aware about this distribution.