14 Apr 2011

We are 6 months old!


This blog is 6 months old today!
When I started it in October 2010, I did not think that it will last so long. Looks like I get in rela love with both Linux and blogging about it. I hope you enjoy reading what I am writing to you here!
What was done in these six months?

  • More than 60 posts
  • More than 25 different Linux distributives
  • 2 guest posting on another blogs
  • 1 guest posting in this blog
  • And we are now a team of 2 authors!

Having published this post, I let know to all of those who wants to take part in our contest: there are good news and there are bad news.

  • Good news are that you now exactly know answer to the first question of contest. First existing post was published six months ago, on the 14.10.2010
  • Bad news are that you only have few hours to find answers to other questions and send me an e-mail, as required by competition rules.

Good luck to all of you!


  1. its small time for site, but usefull for linux-fancier, continue and all that


  2. translite: eto malenkoe vremya dlya sayta, no bolshoy vklad v delo popularizacii linux, tak derzhat! ;)