21 Apr 2011

There Are More Than 100 Subscribers Now On This blog!

Last week was pretty much full of news around this blog. Most of them were linked to our 6-months anniversary.
Is there anything important left for this week?
Yes! It happened today.
You know that many people read this blog often. Some of them subscribe to this blog, and they are most loyal visitors. Of course, you may follow me on Twitter or Facebook. But most common subscription method is e-mail or RSS feed. I use FeedBurner tool for this.
Today Feedburner showed me wonderful picture. There are more than 100 subscribers now! To be exact, 101.
Isn't it great success?
I think it says that my posts are interesting and useful to my readers.
Of course, this is tiny amount compared to subscription list of other bloggers. Martik has about 300 subscribers, go2linux - more that 1600.
Do you want to join ? There is a link to RSS feed on the right. Just below you can subscribe via e-mail.
And, of course, Twitter and Facebook options are still available.
All these subscriptions will cost you nothing. They are FREE!

If you want to check current number of subscribers (and position on other ratings), please scroll to the bottom of the page.

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