12 Sept 2013

I love GNOME 3 because...

James Knight
Yes, I really love GNOME 3!

It's pretty! Seriously, I'm clearly weird as the rest of the internet seems to hate it. But I like the font, I like the total lack of clutter with no dock/launcher.

The social media plugin is pretty handy so I don't have to keep Facebook open all the time. 

About the only thing that I've still to get used to after a month on Fedora 19 is the clock being in the top-middle of the screen, rather than the top-right which I'm used to in Ubuntu

Then again, I like Unity, so... I'm weird!

This article by James Knight won the prize in the Desktop Environment articles contest which Linux notes from DarkDuck ran together with BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk site.


  1. I think that Unity and Gnome 3 are becoming more popular.

    There will always be those that hate change but seriously use Unity or Gnome for a month and learn the keyboard shortcuts. You will start to love it too.

  2. I don't like Gnome because I have to install a whole bunch of add-ons to get it useful, then Gnome updates and breaks all my add-ons. It's also, like KDE, way too heavy for my laptops.

  3. You have extensions to help you customize GNOME Shell as per your requirement. To have the clock at top-right instead of in the middle, you can use "Frippery Move Clock" extension (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2/move-clock/)