25 Apr 2019

10 Reasons To Change Windows For Linux In 2019

Probably many have already heard about the growing opposition of these two operating systems. The most popular Windows is gradually losing ground in the face of free software — GNU / Linux. Is this justified? Of course, I am not talking about the redistribution of the OS market, but the percentage of Linux users is growing steadily, which is only worth thousands of distributions that have appeared over these three decades. In general, today I decided to look at the situation from a certain angle, and present you ten reasons to change Windows to Linux in 2019.

Why it is worth changing Windows to Linux

Besides, before starting the article, I want to remind you that this is just a subjective opinion. It does not claim to be absolute truth, and if you want to express some opinion that is different from mine, then you are welcome to leave comments. It should also be noted that not all these ten reasons are the reason for changing one operating system to another. It is possible that explicitly in your case, Linux distributions may not have the necessary functionality. In this case, however, preference should be given to Windows.

4 Apr 2019

Linux For A Slow Laptop

Examining Old Desktop
Image by slgckgc
There are old laptops in each house that can no longer function fully. Using standard operating systems, for example, Windows or Linux becomes almost impossible. However, you can still use the old laptop effectively.

Now many distribution packages will make Linux for a slow laptop the best option in comparison with other operating systems.

Several Linux distribution packages will work effectively on slow laptops. We will consider the most successful ones.