24 Sept 2013

Patrick d'Emmabuntüs: Emmabuntüs is more than a Linux distribution

DarkDuck loves to interview different people in the Linux community. Especially if they are real developers of distributions, or take part in the development teams. Examples are Artyom Zorin, Anne Nicolas Eugeni Dodonov , Porteus Team, Robert Milasan and so on.

Today I am happy to introduce you a member of another team: Patrick from Emmabuntüs team.

19 Sept 2013

How-to make hard-to-crack passwords you can easily remember

by Emery Fletcher

For better or worse – and more often worse – passwords are required to do a lot of things on the Internet and even in your home. For example, you need password for your Linux account or at least for root in your Linux installation.

At the same time, cracking passwords has never been easier. It's not just for experienced hackers any more: now even the general public can buy a ready-made cracking utility, or even download one free. There are even forums that give detailed instructions so you can learn how to use it. Some people have earned a lot of Bitcoins by sharing unused GPU/CPU cycles on their computers to crack passwords on a commercial basis.

One thing you can't do is create an unbreakable password. In principle, despite all the salting and hashing and encrypting you or a website enforces, any collection of symbols you use as the sole key for protecting your digital asset (computer, website, whatever) can eventually be discovered by a determined cracker with good resources and lots of time. The best you can do is make the cracker need huge resources and nearly-endless time – in short, make it so tough it just isn't worth the cracker's time.

18 Sept 2013

(Pre-) order your own copy of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Lubuntu 13.10

It's this time of year again...

With the coming release of next long-term support version of Ubuntu 13.10 just a month away, many of you already looking for downloading of your own ISO image of the system.
But many of you are not so lucky, and will need to wait longer, because you can not or do not want to create their own CDs with operating system images.
Here we are to help!
You can pre-order your own copy of Ubuntu 13.10 (or Xubuntu, or Lubuntu, or Kubuntu) right now. It means that a DVD with your favourite OS will be burnt to you as early as possible, and dispatched on the 17th of October, or soon after. Dispatched to anywhere in the world.
How you can get the DVD? Go to http://buylinuxcds.co.uk site, purchase the Ubuntu DVD from there, and in the PayPal comments state that you want version 13.10. If you want K-, L- or Xubuntu, state it also in the same comment. That's easy.

To help you even further, here is a mini-shop which you can use straight away. It supports PayPal checkout, similar to Buy Linux CDs site. And you even don't need a PayPal account to pay - you can do this with your credit a debit card!

UK (2.00 GBP):
Ubuntu 13.10 pre-order (UK)

USA (6.50 USD):
Ubuntu 13.10 pre-order (USA)

Other countries (4.50 GBP):
Ubuntu 13.10 pre-order (Other countries)

And yet another alternative: you can purchase the same disks via eBay.

12 Sept 2013

I love GNOME 3 because...

James Knight
Yes, I really love GNOME 3!

It's pretty! Seriously, I'm clearly weird as the rest of the internet seems to hate it. But I like the font, I like the total lack of clutter with no dock/launcher.

The social media plugin is pretty handy so I don't have to keep Facebook open all the time. 

About the only thing that I've still to get used to after a month on Fedora 19 is the clock being in the top-middle of the screen, rather than the top-right which I'm used to in Ubuntu

Then again, I like Unity, so... I'm weird!

This article by James Knight won the prize in the Desktop Environment articles contest which Linux notes from DarkDuck ran together with BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk site.

5 Sept 2013

Debian LXDE with LXLE Added Features

LXDE is a desktop environment, which aims the low-performance hardware and old computers. However, you can use it on with modern computers and accessories too, making them flashing fast.

LXLE is an Ubuntu based distribution using LXDE desktop with the LTS kernel. It has some added features not found in Lubuntu. We will try to mimic them in Debian.

First install Debian. We will use a 32-bit install of Jessie (testing). I have only tried this on Debian Jessie so I can't confirm everything will work on Debian Wheezy. On the boot menu be sure to select the LXDE desktop.

Hopefully you are familiar with installing Debian, as we aren't going to delve into that here, but here are some good instructions.

The features we are going to add from LXLE, are the following:
  • Deepin package manager
  • Areo.. hot keys for moving windows around the screen
  • Fast Forecast... a local forecast retriever
  • Fehlstart ...a keyboard application launcher
  • Compton...a low resource compositor
  • Random wallpaper... for automatically changing wallpaper at login.
  • Lxweather which as of this writing is not included in LXLE