19 Mar 2020

Linux is the number one in-demand skill: Open source career trends

The trends of the open-source world are constantly changing and so are the open-source skills. According to a report shown by the open-source foundation in the year 2018, there is an increasing demand for employees that are open-source savvy. It also reported that around 87 percent of managers are finding difficulty in hiring talent with open source technology and within this, 83% of employers give priority to the open-source employees.

Today, Linux is the highest-ranked skill in software development and in the job market. According to Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, it is made sure that everyone can get access to training and certification of open-source skills with ease. In this modern era, every business is recognizing the need for open source skill and thus the trend of getting Linux certifications is increasing. Today, companies are not hungry for employees with a Linux certification but they are starving for it. This is the reason why companies are ready to pay for the Linux certification if the employees have some primary skills.

This article will shed light on the importance of this skill and its growing demand in the open-source industry.