28 Jul 2013

Desktop Environment Contest from Linux notes from DarkDuck

There were quite a few contests on this blog already.

I bet you liked all of them. Do you want another contest? I have one for you!

This time round, you will need to use your writing skills again. But this contest will not be driven by a specific product. Neither will it be about Linux in general. It will be something in the middle.

Each of us, or at least many of us are Linux users. We have our personal preferences about the Desktop environment: KDE4, KDE3, Trinity, GNOME 2, GNOME 3, Zorin, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity, Xfce, LXDE, E17 and so on.

Please write an article about your favourite (or non-favourite) Desktop Environment. Something with a title and/or contents:
  • I like <...> because...
  • My favourite DE is...
  • How to <...> in <...> Desktop Environment
  • ...
  • or even
  • I hate <...> Desktop Environment, because...
Sounds interesting! It does, doesn't it?

What's the prize?

The organizer (DarkDuck) will select three winners, who will get:

  1. First prize is an Amazon.com voucher for amount just under 15 USD.
  2. Second prize is a CD or DVD with a Linux distribution of your choice from Buy Linux CDs
  3. Third prize is a CD or DVD with a Linux distribution of DarkDuck's choice from Buy Linux CDs.

Where to send your works?

Please e-mail them to linuxblog-contest@darkduck.com.

When to send?

Any time until the 11th of August 2013.

Will my work be published?

By submitting your work, you allow organizer to use your work on the web site, unless you specifically withdraw your permission in writing.

When will results be announced?

The results will be announced on the 12th of August.
The winners will be contacted by e-mail.

Small print:

  • One prize per contestant.
  • Decisions of contest organizer are binding, and cannot be changed.
  • Non-monetary prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
  • No cash equivalents.
  • Monetary prizes will be given in form of an Amazon.com voucher.
  • In order to get non-monetary prizes, you must provide your postal address. This will be kept confidential and never disclosed to 3rd parties.
  • Winners must respond the requests within 14 calendar days. If there is no response, the prize will be withheld.


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