2 May 2013

A letter from Linux Evangelist

Dear Sir/Madam,

Read the GNU philosophy!

Listen to Linus Torvalds speak about why Linux is...., well, just is.

Ask Richard Stallman one simple question, why?!

My friends, and even those not my friends, I put to you the closest one can get to experiencing true freedom.

Not to being totally free, that is a completely different kettle of fish. Linux is a tantalising sample and example of what freedom can deliver.

Do I sound like an evangelist? I hope so! By the way, I'm annoyed that the Linux community kept this so quiet for so long! I'll argue with you later!

The core of the network of the company I work for now houses an i7 16gb RAM Linux Box, running Windows 7 and Server Virtual Machines, MYSQL, ownCloud Virtual Machine, Apache Web Server, openSSH and a sprinkling of command line monitoring tools. It will be free one day. It has it's enemy's close, where it can see them.

My workstation runs Linux, My home PC runs Linux, My TV is driven by Linux, My phone is driven by Linux, 3 of my 4 kids run Linux (they hate me for that by the way, made 'em think) LOL!

Am I obsessed? I hope so! Who could not be obsessed with the prospect of mind opening and sole unshackling freedom?

By the way, I ran, installed, administered, managed, developed for and advocated another system, which shall remain nameless, since '95 ;-) The 08 version was the tipping point. "There has to be something better then this"? There is, GNU/Linux, look it up!

Remember! With Freedom comes great responsibility! Be wise.

Now, where's my Penguin bat? Need to go tap on a few windows, get'em opened up and let the fresh air in ;-)

Regards, Nick

This is a guest post by Nick & Chris, which won a prize in the joint contest of Linux notes from DarkDuck and Zinio.


  1. I have "converted" a dozen people using Linux in their home computers and none of them have gone back to Windows.

    Not so bad for a non-geek Linux-user like me....

    1. And now they can even use Netflix with the netflix-desktop Ubuntu package!