30 Apr 2013

Linux Screenshot Beauty Contest from DarkDuck (Part 1)

Everyday Linux User has recently published a gallery of screenshots from his distrohopping life. It gave me idea to do the same, but in a slightly different manner.

If you read my blog for some time, you remember the times when I did my own reviews. Most of them were accompanied by the screenshot or two. Here I republish some screenshots. Maybe it will intrigue you well enough to come back to the review itself and, even more, try the Linux distribution I wrote about.

What do these screenshots have in common? Few things:

  1. All of them are from Linux distributions
  2. All of them feature my blog's page
  3. All of them have a nice female on the YouTube video
That's why I name this Linux Screenshot Beauty Contest. Interested? Let's go!

Debian KDE
Kubuntu 11.10 Live
Ubuntu 11.10 Live

Ubuntu 11.10 installed

Ubuntu 11.10 with GNOME3
Fedora 16 GNOME3
Fedora 16 KDE
Pardus Corporate
Ububox SalentOS
Xubuntu 11.10 Live
Xubuntu 11.10 installed
Linux Mint 12
Agilia Linux 8.0.0

Of course, that's not all. Did you like the gallery? Which distribution and screenshot do you prefer most?

Wait for a second part of screenshot gallery! Stay tune! Stay subscribed!

1 comment:

  1. Fedora for a distribution, Kubuntu for the screenshot