4 May 2012

400+ subscribers now!

The best way to measure the blog's popularity is probably to see how many people regularly read it. They may be one-time readers, or subscribers. The latter are those who consider blog interesting and worthwhile to read. So, number of subscribers more or less reflects the authority of the author(s).

This blog, Linux notes from DarkDuck, has just passed another mark in this area. As of today, I can officially say there are more than 400 subscribers. Feedburner confirms this.

Just a little bit of a statistics:
  • 15th of October 2010 - blog's inception, 0 readers.
  • 21th of April 2011 - 100 subscribers in 188 days
  • 23rd of August 2012 - 200 subscribers, adding 100 in 124 days 
  • 7th of February 2012 - 300 subscribers, adding 100 in 168 days
  • 2nd of May 2012 - 400 subscribers, adding 100 in 85 days.
So, it took two times less days now to get another 100 people who like the blog. I consider it as a good dynamic.

And, of course, I could not reach any of these numbers without you, my dear readers!


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