13 Aug 2013

Desktop Environment Article Contest Results

Thank You for everyone who took part in the contest of articles about your favourite Desktop Environment. And Thank You to everyone who ever considered to take part in the contest, but never managed to write anything.

I am happy to announce the winners now. Drums... Light... Maestro, please!

The third prize, which is a disk with a distribution of DarkDuck choice, goes to James Knight! This will be Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit from BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk.

The second price, which is a disk with a distribution of his own choice, goes to Chris Guiver from Australia.

And the first prize, an Amazon.com voucher for amount of just under 15 USD goes to Rolf Sommerhalder, also from Australia.

Congratulations and applause to all the winners!

You, my dear readers, will be able to read the winning articles soon. Stay tuned!


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