7 Aug 2013

Do you like this blog? Vote for it!

My dear readers!

Do you think my blog about Linux and free open source software is the only similar in the Internet? Of course it is not!

How many other do you know? And how do you compare Linux notes from DarkDuck with others?

Now you have a fantastic opportunity to share your admiration! Vote for the blog(s) - up to two - in the poll organized by FOSS Force. It is easy!

Even if you don't want to vote, you should still follow the link above, for example to learn other alternatives to Linux notes from DarkDuck. Are there any you don't know about?


  1. There are only three Linux blogs I check on an almost daily basis. And they are:
    Linux Today,
    Linux Insider, and Dark Duck.
    You and Linux Girl are the only commentators that I seek out.

  2. @William Barido: thanks, William!