27 Jan 2022

5 Best Linux Programs for Students and Teachers

Linux should be the first choice for students and teachers as a free alternative to the commercialised Operating Systems. But, useful programs that are widely available on Mac and Windows often isn't to be found on Linux. 

We have addressed 5 such software that are already replacing your favourite program on Linux, and  which is replacing traditional homework. 

1. Anki:

Students often need to keep a handy organizer to remember their assignments and classes. When you reach a certain level in your academic career, like college, it becomes almost impossible to keep track of all the notes and research papers you are expected to work on. 

You might have an interview, need to prepare for the exam, are expected to complete the assignment, required to talk to your professor about the research paper, all on the same day - tomorrow. How would someone be able to keep up!

Anki is a flashcard style organizer that is much more effective than traditional methods and is free to use on Linux. You can assign cards, take notes within the cards, move them to in progress to complete, and much more. You can also assign images, audio, and everything beyond, not only text. 

It's very easy to install too. Just download Anki from here, and get going. 

20 Jan 2022

Why Linux is Superior OS for College Students

The dilemma among college students about which is the superior OS among Linux, Windows or Mac is inevitable. On one hand, it's about ease of usage, on the other - cost and security. We have used all of them to provide you with a detailed solution as to why Linux is as superior of an OS for college students.

1. Fundamentally Open Source:

Open-source software or OS are the ones whose source code is made public and can be inspected, modified, and enhanced by anyone. When you use a software, you don't typically see the source codes working behind it, like you don't need to see the clockwork of your watch. But if you know how to repair watches, a friendly way to open them up could be helpful.

Major operating systems like Windows, keep the door locked of their source code, leaving users vulnerable to threats. As Linux is an open-source kernel, developers can inspect it for vulnerabilities and patch them if necessary.

You could question the logic behind it. If anyone can modify the code, why won't someone plant malware in the source code?

Because they can't. Community checks every piece of code submitted before those are implemented to the source.

12 Jan 2022

5 Best Open-Source Writing Software for Linux

Linux is fundamentally an open-source Operating System. Using open-source software on Linux is as peaceful as the Himalayas. Here we've discussed 5 such software that could be the best friend of a writer if done right.

1. Espanso:

Writers are often found to be the most absent-minded individuals on the planet. While they can write a 500-page book within three months, they struggle with an official letter. You always wish to have a smart autocomplete system that will fill up the details with a hint and insert the necessary boring details like dates and times for you.

While you could hire someone to fill in the details for you, why not download a program for free that will do it all?

Espanso is an open-source program that inserts phrases into your writing when triggered by a keyword. Copy-pasting is a writer's worst dream come true. Espanso helps you create templates for every other cover letter or writing you need to do. Just write once and change accordingly from later on. Emoji support, search function, are additional standard features Espanso provides.