12 Mar 2012

New social contest from Linux Notes from DarkDuck

Contest is over. Results and winners are published.

Hello to everyone. Especially to those readers who follow me on twitter.

Today I would like to announce another contest. It is very simple. You need to utilize your social networking skills, and nothing more. All you need to do is to send the following tweet:

I like to read Linux notes from DarkDuck http://goo.gl/vM2iB and Buy Linux CDs http://goo.gl/FNySh @linuxnote

To ease up the task, simply click the link above, and Twitter will have everything populated for you - just click Tweet to confirm. Of course, you can still copy and paste the text if you wish to.

Everyone can take part in the competition, but only one entry per twitter account allowed.

The list of competitors will be closed on the 25th of March, and three winners will be announced the same or the next day.

What are the prizes?

The prizes will be 3 (three!) USB sticks, 1 GB each, branded with a logo of the world famous magazine, unfortunately not Linux-related. Each winner will get one USB stick. The prizes will be dispatched to winners’ home addressed via International Mail, or 2nd class mail, if you live in the United Kingdom.

Three winners will be notified in separate post on the blog Linux notes from DarkDuck, and also on twitter. The initial correspondence will be held on Twitter’s Direct Message system, so please ensure you follow @linuxnote in order to get your prize.


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