24 May 2012

Users voted for the best XFCE-based distribution... again!

I have run a poll some time ago. Its question was to determine the best XFCE-based Linux distribution.

I published the first results of the poll in the middle of December 2011. That time round, there were only 74 people who took part in the poll. Obviously, that draw lots of criticism for unrepresentative statistics.

People kept voting, despite the announcement of the results. Today I publish second round of the poll results, with number of participants more than doubled since last time: 169.

Are there any changes now? Let’s see!

Here is the table:
Xubuntu 70
Debian XFCE 30
Linux Mint XFCE 20
Other 14
Fedora XFCE 13
DreamLinux 5
Salix XFCE 5
Aptosid XFCE 4
Sabayon XFCE 3
Saline OS 3
Puredyne 1
Simply Linux 1

There are two significant changes, which I’d like to highlight.

  • First of all, Debian made a leap from 8 to 30 votes, which almost doubled its share from 11 to 18%.
  • Second is DreamLinux, which grew three times in the percentage from 1 to 3%, gaining 4 places in the chart.

Otherwise, there is nothing unexpected. The share of Xubuntu remains on the level of 41%. It means that Xubuntu dominates the market of XFCE distributions. I don’t think this will change in the nearest future, since Xubuntu 12.04 proved itself very stable and quick in both Live and installed versions.


  1. That is a huge lead for the deb based distros. all the others combined does not even get near. But on the other hand, the questioned groupe was too small for any hard conclusion.

  2. SalineOS, Linux Mint XFCE, aptosid & DreamLinux are all basically Debian, So Debian and Debian-based XFCE distros together total 62, almost as much as Xubuntu at 70. Debian itself is not a single distro, it is actually 3: stable (which SalineOS is based on), testing (Mint XFCE & DreamLinux) and sid, the developmental branch (aptosid). I wonder what the breakdown for Debian itself was between the three branches.

    I can't believe VectorLinux and Zenwalk didn't get a single vote, two popular Slack-based XFCE distros.

  3. @Anonymous: I don't have the split between the Debian branches, apart for one comment which states Sid Xfce.

    There are 2 comments for VectorLinux among "others", but nothing about Zen, I am afraid.

  4. I really like "Voyager Linux" and Xubunu derivative. It looks like DEB based XFCE is alive and well.

  5. I use openSUSE 12.1 in combination with XFCE and It works perfectly. I can not remember any crashes.

  6. Unbuntu has been forked from Debian as well....

    1. It was long time ago. Since then, they're not that much linked.

    2. I disagree, Ubuntu is very much a Debian fork still. The main difference is the release schedule and the support Canonical provides for the entire software set. Also, the main release of Mint is based on Ubuntu, while retaining a Debian Edition separate from the main release.