1 Dec 2011

Vote for your best favourite XFCE distro!

I ran a poll some time ago, where I asked you about your "best favourite KDE distro".
Since then, I made 2 rounds of results announcement. Interesting enough, publishing of first round brought as many new votes as were in it initially. So, second round of results was published, showing that statistical figures were right anyway.
Did you like that poll? Do you want another one?

This time I am asking you about your favourite XFCE distribution.
Yes, I understand that userbase for XFCE is much less than GNOME or KDE, but there is still enough people who use XFCE in their work.
So, here is the new poll. Please select your best favourite XFCE-based Linux distributions, and provide optional comment if you wish.
Results will be announced around the 16th of December 2011.


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