19 Mar 2020

Linux is the number one in-demand skill: Open source career trends

The trends of the open-source world are constantly changing and so are the open-source skills. According to a report shown by the open-source foundation in the year 2018, there is an increasing demand for employees that are open-source savvy. It also reported that around 87 percent of managers are finding difficulty in hiring talent with open source technology and within this, 83% of employers give priority to the open-source employees.

Today, Linux is the highest-ranked skill in software development and in the job market. According to Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, it is made sure that everyone can get access to training and certification of open-source skills with ease. In this modern era, every business is recognizing the need for open source skill and thus the trend of getting Linux certifications is increasing. Today, companies are not hungry for employees with a Linux certification but they are starving for it. This is the reason why companies are ready to pay for the Linux certification if the employees have some primary skills.

This article will shed light on the importance of this skill and its growing demand in the open-source industry.

Perks offered for Linux experts

Some top-notch companies are paying for all entry-level, mid-level, and even for the highest-level Linux certifications which are CompTIA Linux+, Linux Enterprise Professional Certification and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). According to dice.com, the demand for Linux experts is so much that some companies are even allowing employees to write their cheques on their own. All this is done so that a software development company can compete well in this competitive market and cover its budget with the future profits generated through the Linux resource. Not only this, but Linux professionals are getting other additional benefits like flexibility in working hours, telecommuting, and additional vacations.

However, these perks and money are not motivational factors for Linux workers. Research shows that only 13 percent of the Linux workers were impressed with the handsome salary and great benefits. The other 37 percent selected Linux as their career because they wanted to work with the latest technology, and the remaining 50 percent chose it, as it was their passion.

Linux experts' inter-familiarity

Today, the increasing demand for Linux experts and open source skills reveal that Linux certification is beneficial for almost every company rather than just the IT companies. Not only the big scale companies, but there is a dire need that small and emerging companies should think about the change that a Linux expert can bring. The Consistent Operating Model of Linux enables the Linux experts to comprehend and recognize the system irrespective of its place and time. Whether it is process management, command line syntax or network administration, a Linux expert can easily correlate everything. This inter-familiarity can change the success rate of businesses that are looking to expand or grow at a speedy rate.

The scalability of Linux

This shows that Linux is highly scalable. This is the reason why employers can easily accommodate Linux experts anywhere they are needed. The comfort and most importantly, the familiarity of the employee does not need to be worried about.


Today, businesses are running towards customization. So many firms are competing in the market that it becomes difficult to gain a competitive edge and improve the ROI. They want to customize their programs so that they can provide what their specific group of customers want. Copyrights and licensing are some of the major issues with customization. However, a Linux expert can conveniently tailor your operating system as per your needs and demands. Linux experts are providing the benefits of everything from a customized business application to databases and a platform of website hosting to email.

Capabilities of the operating system

The demand for Linux is not limited to a few factors. The operating system capability is another great reason to hire Linux experts. Firms are always in search of automation, private cloud, containers, orchestration and server virtualization. These are the aspects through which Linux is leading today's industry.

The shift from Windows to Linux

A recent trend has been observed by several firms in their shift to Linux from windows. This shift is one of the biggest reasons for the increased demand for Linux experts. Some of the business owners are so impressed with the benefits of Linux that they are trying to have some basic knowledge of Linux so that it can help them in taking the key business decisions. However, the need for an IT expert is still there to bring a noteworthy change in the business and meet the modern-day requirements.
Some of the biggest reasons why companies are going towards Linux instead of windows include:

- Security
Since Linux has a small user base, the chances of a hacker attacking you are minimal. This is not the case with Windows OS where hackers are likely to have a huge audience.

- Hassle-free updates
The updates of your software become easier in Linux. In comparison to Windows, you do not need to re-boot after every step and you can also update multiple software at the same time.

- Budget-friendly
There is no need to compare the price with any other thing when Linux is free to use. Though it can provide great benefits to the business it does not demand a hefty price from you. Top-notch companies of the world are using it and they have successfully reached their business goals.

- Transparency
The code of Linux can be easily seen by everyone because it is an open-source project. This removes the chances of bugs and viruses because the IT department can see what is happening at each step.
In short, Linux is an ideal option for IT professionals. The scalability, customization, security, and other benefits of Linux make it a decent choice for every growing business. Linux certification and expertise can guarantee a well-paid job with several benefits and shining career.

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.


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