5 Sep 2019

5 of the Best Linux Writing Tools

Writing is not an easy task, and therefore any assistance provided by a useful app can be very much appreciated, and even totally relied upon. The apps included here needed to satisfy only three criteria to make it to this list: they had to be compatible for Linux, they had to be a writing tool but not a word processing app, and they had to be great.

Plume Creator

Coming from the repositories of Ubuntu 16.04, and easily installable, Plume Creator is a novel writing app which envisions your piece of work as a tree within which there are scenes and chapters containing text and interactions between characters in certain locations. Its target audience is creative writers who want to keep easy track of all of the elements of their novel through the delivery of organizational tools.

One aspect of Plume Creator which is particularly appreciated is the fullscreen mode which allows you to maintain a simple view of what you are writing without all of the other elements that it allows you to keep track of being shown around the edges - these can become a little busy and at times distract from the task at hand, so this fullscreen mode is definitely a handy option to have. Aside from these elements, a synopsis can be easily added at any time, and you can attach notes wherever required to again help you maintain consistency and link as required.


bibisco is an immensely popular novel writing app and it's first big plus point is that it is easy to install - simply download it from the website and follow the simple instructions. Then there are just a couple of quick settings questions, and you’re away.

bibisco helps you to craft a novel or screenplay by producing scenes - it provides a scene editor which is complemented by a dual view with information regarding your structure, other scenes (comprising your larger chapters) and then all your character and location details for easy reference.

One of the unique features of bibisco is that is assigns a status to scenes which are categorized as 'to-do', 'not yet complete' an 'completed'. That means in one easy view you are able to ascertain how much still needs to be completed, so novel timeframes can become a lot closer. Quite simply this is a really easy-to-use and well-structured too for novel writing.

Writer's Café

Writer's Café proves popular for the simple reason that it is the most reminiscent of the hugely successful PC and Mac compatible app Scrivener. The layout is similar in that the essential storylines tool, where in essence your storyline is plotted, looks akin to the Scrivener corkboard – you enter text on cards which can then be arranged into their most logical places within the main storyline.

It's all here in one place - everything you need to put together your story. The downside is that it costs as it not open source. It also takes a little bit of fiddling to get the app up and running too, which may put some off. When you are set up, however, it's a great tool.


oStorybook is not dissimilar to Plume Creator in many ways, although it's hard to believe that the interface can actually become even more hectic that the extremely busy Plume version. Having said that, as you would imagine with so much going on, it allows you to organize perhaps better than any other app, but it does take a while to get the hang of it. When you do, you won't be disappointed.


This great-named app allows you the ability to note take to your heart's desire. It's a pretty simple but hugely effective app which can really ramp up your efficiency when it comes to putting together your novel, screenplay, school or college assignment, or whatever it may be that you are (electronically) penning. The tools provided allow formatting, making lists and even creating links to other notes that you have previously saved in order to jump quickly between what you have put together. Form an organizational perspective you can then distribute into different notebooks, and there is also the possibly to make to-do lists for further convenience.

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