12 Dec 2017

Emmabuntüs makes the promo video

You may know that Linux notes from DarkDuck is a long-lasting good relationships with the Emmabuntüs project. I reviewed their operating system multiple times. There was an interview with Patrick, the project leader. There was a report from the Cote-d-Ivoire journey of the project.

Emmabuntüs recently released a video where they explain the goals and reasons of the project, current achievements and show people who really use this operating system. You can also see the members of the project live.

DarkDuck also made a little contribution to that video. I translated the subtitles to Russian, so Russian-speaking community can also enjoy watching it. To select a subtitle language, please click on the gearwheel located at the bottom right of the window and pick the language you want.


  1. This is a sympathetic project, and a good way to make cheap refurbished computers available!

  2. Thanks you very much to Dmitry for your article about Emmabuntüs and tonight a new video come for UNICEF CHAD and It take about Emmabuntus & Jerry Do It Together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH0lPakygRc

  3. Of course a very great thank for your translation of our video in Russian :)