12 Apr 2016

Users more await for the new Ubuntu than Fedora release

Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 16.04 families are due to release within next month or so.

Just about a month ago the Linux notes from DarkDuck blog started a poll where you could vote which of these two distributions you await more. It is time to give the results of that poll now.

Let me do this without any further delay.

There were more than 400 people who voted.

Unsurprisingly, there are more people in the Ubuntu camp than in the Fedora camp. The proportion is about 2:1.

Ubuntu or Fedora - poll results
Apart from the poll itself, voters could write some comments about their preferences. Let me give you a few of the most interesting. I keep the original Grammar and don't state the Fedora or Ubuntu was voted for by that user, though often it is obvious:

  • Fedora is more forward looking (early adoption of wayland for instance).
  • Far easier to install. Fedora's installer is INMHO a mess.
  • Fedora is generally so unstable, I have stopped using it, even stopped trying it.
  • I loved Red Hat but have hated Fedora from the start. A recent encounter has confirmed what an inferior distro it is when compared to any decent Debian based distro.
  • Preview for next RHEL.
  • Fedora versions being supported only 9 months or so is like a bad joke to me...
  • Fedora is always interesting technologically, including fresh packages. Also, Gnome 3 is increasingly interesting
  • Solid and powerful all around for all ranges of users: IT, non-IT professionals, and casual users. Ubuntu not so great for IT or professionals. Maybe better for casual users who don't have ready access to IT pros.
  • GNOME 3.20
  • Convergence
  • Love Fedora but want LTS
  • I don't wait any of them. If i need to choose, it must be Gnome shell on gtk.
  • Fedora has always been great about offering a "vanilla" experience, allowing us all to see what changes are taking effect at the raw desktop management level. Ubuntu always has their own thing going on, which is reflective of Ubuntu BUT not reflective of Linux as a whole (like it is with Fedora). Since my primary interest is in the growth of Linux overall and NOT just Ubuntu, I'm more interested in the Fedora releases in general than I am the Ubuntu ones (though it is always fun to see where Canonical is taking their platform).
  • Fedora? Who cares!
  • Ubuntu in bed with windoze
If you want to try the new version of either operating system just after their release, but you don't have the ability to create a disk/USB stick with them, why not place an order on BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk site? Or there is a direct order page on this blog - just follow the link right now!


  1. Excuse me ignorance but what is Fedora?

  2. go to getfedora.org/fedoramagazine.org to learn about Fedora 23/24!


  3. Fedora is a bad joke at best
    Much closer to the Linux spirit is CentOS
    buntuCrap? Linux?

    1. Claude, you're not very tolerant, are you?

    2. it's not a matter of tolerance, itś technical... Buntu just is a mess, they are the ones that started Gnome... i'll say no more ¦-)
      CentOS, well, it doesn't get much more technical, does it ?)
      but yes, i'm doing more sys admin on the cli then with graphical tools, thus don't care about cute cute icons & all that.
      And still running on KDE 3.5.10 on openSUSE and set up TDE on CentOS 7 - old habits die hard!

    3. Hey, have a look @ Eric's post... i mean, doesn't it say it all?

  4. I started on Linux with Ubuntu just like many people from my generation. But when Canonical switched from Gnome to Unity and added the spyware, I didn't feel comfortable with it anymore. Therefore I switched to Fedora + Gnome. It wasn't an easy switch since Ubuntu had many things like drivers out of the box. Things that Fedora still lacks. But I learned to tweak it and I'm now happy with it. I mainly love Fedora for its integration with Gnome because it does everything I like and want. Besides, Its integration with Google is unbeatable.

    Unfortunately developers are making software available for Ubuntu only. Like if it were the only Linux OS. It is actually a good thing though but I wish there was the same amount of software for Fedora as well.

    Many people have recommended me to use Ubuntu Gnome and that's it. But Canonical doesn't really care about Ubuntu Gnome, They don't even care about Unity 7 anymore. They only care about Ubuntu Touch, Unity 8, Mir and Snaps. They have been working on that for a very long time and we have not seen pleasant results yet. Soon there will be no Ubuntu Gnome, Kubuntu or any other *buntu because Ubuntu Touch would not be ported to different DEs. Canonical could have had invested more millions in the upstream to make it awesome to everyone but they chose to take a greedy path instead.

    On the other hand we have Fedora. Fedora comes with Gnome Out of the Box and it is indeed the bleeding edge of Linux. Linus Torvalds may have created Linux but Red Hat has taken Linux to a higher scale.

    Red Hat contributes to:

    And many other open source apps: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Red_Hat_contributions

    Gnome is becoming very touch friendly, Wayland will be the standard display server and xdg-apps could become potentially better than snaps. The whole Linux community will stay close to the upstream while Canonical will keep their "open source" projects that only work with Ubuntu. I feel that Canonical wants to be like Apple but they don't have the money to pull it up.

    When it comes to the server area I remember it used to be either CentOS or Red Hat but now Ubuntu has taken over because it is so easy to deploy web apps. However I don't like to use two different Linux environments. Since I got used to dnf and dnf will soon replace yum I don't want to go back to apt.

    The real question in here is: Will Ubuntu Touch have what it takes to become the leading OS for workstations?

    1. Eric, just a thought...
      i (sincerely) despise buntu / Canonical thus don't really know what extra they may have, but openSUSE has a tremendous community that compiles a lot of apps (even for other distros...).
      And they support Gnome as well as KDE4 and (!) KDE3 - that is a significant fraction of the openSUSE community still believes in it and ports KDE3 (including recent version of Qt, thus you are not stuck with qt3 and all KDE3 apps run in fact on qt4+) showing the strength of said community.

    2. O, about Fedora's instability... don't know anything about that neither as i have used CentOS for the post 5+ yrs (used to use RH up to and including 9, but left it when Fed (came) up...........)
      Switched to oS in 2006 with the v!$t0 débâcle and never looked back - use CentOS because i'm a Database Admin and RH / COS is Oracle's primary platform and most packages they provide for unbreakable linux also run on COS, even their kernel (!).
      Either way, any script / tweak / package you use on Fed will run just fine on CentOS.
      And CentOS, as a server OS is obviously much more stable even thought gtk / Qt / kernel and all the innards are in fact the same. But much less bleeding.
      If you really need some bleeding feature of Fed it can however be upgraded in CentOS as well.