9 Feb 2016

Zorin OS 11 Core: quick screenshot tour

Zorin OS 11 continues the line of Linux distributions for the users who migrate from other operating systems. It was released at the beginning of February 2016.

Let's have a whistle-stop tour for the main features of this operating system.

Welcome screen has a traditional layout. What differs Zorin OS 11 is that it no longer features a Zorin-branded wallpaper, but has a nice photo instead.
Zorin OS 11 welcome screen
Freshly booted Zorin OS 11 Core uses more than 500 Mb of memory, which is quite a lot.
Zorin OS 11 resource usage
As usual for Zorin OS, you can change the feel of Zorin OS 11 with the Look Changer
Zorin OS 11 Look Changer
Zorin OS 11 comes with a decent choice of alternative wallpapers.
Zorin OS 11 wallpapers
There are some games available for you out of the box. Simple ones...
Zorin OS 11 games
Firefox and some other applications are there for network use. You can install additional browsers using the Zorin Browser Manager.
Zorin OS 11 network tools
LibreOffice 5 represents the productivity tools in this distribution.
Zorin OS productivity tools
There are several applications for creating and processing images in Zorin OS 11 Core.
Zorin OS 11 graphic tools
Zorin OS 11 Core comes with all the necessary codecs and other multimedia tools.
Zorin OS 11 Core multimedia
Have you tried Zorin OS 11 Core yourself?


  1. If I hadn't seen mint 16.04 then I would be tempted. Zorin may be a good recommendation for weening others off windows but then again ubuntu desktop feels like it has the best/fastest community support with askubuntu.

    1. Unity needs people to get used to it. Weaning off Windows became more difficult after the introduction of tiled interface. But there are still successful efforts!