2 Feb 2016

Brand New BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk

What? - you may ask. You only changed the BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk design back in October 2015! And now again?

Yes, again! - I will tell you.

BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk is a commercial arm of this blog. You can order a disk with your favourite operating system on that site and it will be delivered to your door.

So, what has changed on that site?

The root cause of all the other changes, the site now runs a proper E-Com platform instead of using a third-party hosted script for processing your orders. It gives me more convenience in running the site. It works better for you!

Site navigation is now clearer and E-Com oriented.

The list of distributions you can order from the site is now re-worked. Some defunct distributions are gone, some more added.

The price determination procedure is now fully automated and extended. There are now 4 different prices that will be determined on your location:

  • 2.00 GBP for UK customers.
  • 4.50 EUR for customers in Europe, plus ex-USSR republics.
  • 5.50 USD for USA and Canada customers.
  • 3.50 GBP for the customers in other parts of the world.

Just to celebrate the launch of this new web site, BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk offers you a 10% discount from above prices in February 2016. To get the discount, use the coupon code LAUNCH.


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