14 Jul 2015

DarkDuck is back on the front

I mentioned this in a quick Post Scriptum-style note to one of my recent articles, but let me talk about it once again.
There have not been many updates on Linux notes from DarkDuck recently.

For some time, I mostly published a number of guest posts about various operating systems, as well as some how-tos and interviews. I hope you have enjoyed that nevertheless.

There have been some changes in my personal life recently that were linked to my family life, to my location, to my main occupation. I am not a full-time Linux blogger, you know. Some of these changes did not helped my morale, nor did they give me time to write something new for the blog. Now that those are in the past, I am happy to return back to active support of this site. It means that I plan to write more reviews. You have seen some of them already: Ubuntu 15.04 and Fedora 22 GNOME. There are more in the pipeline. Just to keep you intrigued, I will not disclose the systems' names.

The scope of the testing remains the same. I run test systems in Live mode without installation. It will always be the case, unless I decide to replace my existing operating system. This is my choice, whether you like it or not.

The test hardware has changed recently though. Now I run my tests on Toshiba Satellite L500-19X. This is a laptop I bought in December 2009, and it still runs well. It has 4GB of memory, dual-core Intel processor along with Intel integrated graphic card and 500GB hard drive.

There are two operating systems installed on that machine now. They are Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Yes, I've changed the main operating system on my main laptop and now I am in the Ubuntu camp. The main reason is that I need (actually, used to need, but let's just stick to "need") to run some 3rd party software that is certified for Ubuntu and not for other operating systems.

So, here we go… You can fasten your seatbelts, or buy some popcorn. The choice is yours.

The show goes on.

And just to possibly spark some interest, please guess which of the statements below are incorrect:

  1. DarkDuck has guest posts on ZDnet.co.uk
  2. DarkDuck's reviews are featured on Distrowatch pages of distributions
  3. Linux notes from DarkDuck has been awarded the best Linux blog of the year
  4. Linux notes from DarkDuck blog is more than 5 years old
  5. DarkDuck's articles are translated into Russian and Spanish
  6. Linux notes from DarkDuck blog Facebook page has more than 800 subscribers

Please leave your guesses in comments below.


  1. Look forward to your reviews, how about one for Linux Mint 17.2 idc?. Regards, Mike Gahan

  2. Welcome back! If not #3 then it should be; your live reviews are the best.

    1. Thanks! You are right, #3 is one of two incorrect items in the list.