21 Apr 2015

And the most wanted feature of Ubuntu 15.04 family is...

Linux notes from DarkDuck blog announced a poll couple of weeks ago.

You, my dear readers, were asked about the most wanted feature of Ubuntu 15.04 family.

First of all, I would like to thank all participants who were kind enough to express their expectations. There were 254 of you. Not a bad result, I would say!

Second, it is now time to announce the results. I won't delay it any more. The most wanted feature of Ubuntu 15.04 family is...

Arrival of Plasma 5 for Kubuntu

...or as it was mentioned in the poll itself, KDE 5, which is not exactly correct. Thanks to one of the voters who gave me the correct wording for that feature.

Here is the table and graph explanation of the poll results. You can see that Plasma 5 took 1/3 of all votes! That's a really amazing result.

KDE 5 for Kubuntu 85
Wayland for Ubuntu GNOME 57
Ubuntu MATE edition becoming official 52
SystemD switch 38
Other 22

I would like to congratulate the KDE team as well as Kubuntu team with this great result!

In the meantime, it is still a good time to order a disk with any available member of Ubuntu 15.04 family through BuyLinuxCDs site, or directly from this blog.


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