13 Feb 2015

Next Achievement of Facebook Page of Linux Notes from DarkDuck - 500 likes!

I must admit I have never thought about this being possible.
You know that Facebook page of Linux notes from DarkDuck exists almost as long as the blog itself. The page got it 300th like in September 2014. It was only about 320 by mid-January 2015.
And then I saw the number of "Likes" rocketing! The level of 400 "Likes" has been passed on the 24th of January.
It was less than 3 weeks ago, and today, on the 12th of February 2015, I am happy to announce that the Facebook page took another level! There are more than 500 people who "Like" the Linux notes from DarkDuck page!

Thank you to all of you! I appreciate your dedication! I will keep the blog going! Stay connected!


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