6 Feb 2014

Linux for beginners (video)

Hi DarkDuck blog readers!

My name is Steve Barth, and I am a video producer for IT training company: CBT Nuggets. Part of my job is to produce a video podcast, with the goal of taking difficult IT concepts and making them easy to understand and entertaining to learn about. I write, film and edit the show with the help of our amazing CBT Nuggets trainers. But, I have a confession to make: My passion is video production.. so I'm not an IT or Linux guru.

When DarkDuck asked me to guest write a blog post, due to our recent Linux show, I scratched my head and then immediately enlisted the help of Shawn Powers, our own Linux trainer. Here's what he had to say about our Linux themed show.

As one of the few Linux trainers for CBT Nuggets, It's always fun for me to see my coworkers interact with Open Source concepts, the Linux commandline, and even my twisted sense of humor. (That last part might not be related to my love for Linux, but it's still fun to interact with such a diverse group of brilliant individuals that usually share a love for laughter)

With the Nuggetcast videos, Steve finds a great balance between teaching and fun. The goal, of course, is to prove that learning is fun - and I can attest that from the production side, Nuggetcast is both educational and enjoyable. I've had the privilege of appearing in two or three episodes, and the last one was all about Linux!

It's no secret that Nuggetcast is designed to introduce viewers to CBT Nuggets, the trainers, and our way of teaching. Since we all love what we do, none of us have to "pretend" we're having fun when we're not. Teaching IT skills (Linux specifically) is something I truly enjoy doing, so the opportunity to devote an entire podcast to my passion? Awesome. I hope the readers of the DarkDuck blog enjoy this week's Nuggetcast as much as we enjoyed making it!


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