25 Jul 2013

The main reason I love Linux: it works. Plain and simple.

I got introduced to Linux in 2006. My first distributions were Kubuntu, then PC Linux OS. Until eventually I arrived to Mint Daryna.

By the middle of 2007-09 I was hooked on Mint 9 Isadora. Recently I have installed Mint 13 Maya on my wife's tower, and I am presently tearing my hair out, using a tower with WinXP.

I find that Mint is so much easier to use then any other Distro. Everything works out of the Box. Very little has to be tweak or altered.

The boot up time, and the shut down time has not altered. The Win XP is slowing down.

The main reason I love Linux: it works. Plain and simple. It means more productivity to me.

This is a guest post by Joseph Barr, which took part in the Linux Mint contest where the main prize was the book Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginner’s Guide and the second prize was the Linux disk from Buy Linux CDs.


  1. It really does just work. I've seen Windows users spend hours trying to find drivers for Hardware. All I have ever had to do in Linux (Xubuntu) is just plug it in. So much simpler =)

  2. Thats it? Thats the only thing that matters? Nothing about the philosophy behind F/OSS that makes it all possible is important? This is incredibly strange to me and becoming more prevelant, the very thing (philosophy) that gave you the ability to have something that just works is now unimportant, or at least so far from your mind that it fails to be mentioned in an article. Strange Days.

  3. Same here, I have deployed Ubuntu in universities and offices and it works and works well. I always use the LTS version.