29 Jul 2011

What is your best favourite KDE distro?

I have recently received a comment on the post about Pardus Linux, which made me think a lot.
The question in comment was:

What is your best favorite KDE distro? Mageia, Pardus, Kubuntu, Mandriva, PC Linux OS, Mint KDE.... which? :) I will use your choice :) thanks too.

First of all, I am very pleased that person looks at me as at specialist and asks for advice in system choice. Obviously, that is the point of this blog – to choose OS for your computer. Look at the top of the page to confirm.
Then, I should admit that’s a very good question actually.

  • Let’s start from the point that I have tried only LXDE version of PC Linux OS, not KDE one. My impression is that PCLOS is not for beginners. If you are comfortable with tweaking the system yourself, then why not give it a go?
  • I have never tried Mint KDE. From Ubuntu-based Mint’s I have tried Mint GNOME. I don’t like Mint menu, the point other users adore. It is overcomplicated for me. Other than that, it is still Ubuntu in different wrapper. I don’t see the point of Mint KDE at all. If you want Ubuntu with KDE, go directly to Kubuntu.
  • Mandriva? I had issues with Mandriva 2010.2 KDE. They were about boot time and MP3 support. I think both issues can be easily resolved once system is installed. I saw that happened in Mageia which I have installed now. Also, Mandriva is going to release new version in less than a month. If you can wait to try newer version, then do.
  • Mageia. This may be a good choice. I saw significant improvement in this part of Linux world since Mageia team forked from Mandriva. Not that everything is nice and shiny here, but still very good choice from my perspective. I use Mageia quite often. This is now default system on my laptop. So, when my wife fires it up for any reason, she gets into Mageia. Earlier Kubuntu was the default. She feels herself quite comfortable in Mageia and Kubuntu, although she has quite limited number of tasks to do on that laptop.
  • Pardus. Good choice too. For you being Turkish, it is even better to “support local”. There are couple of warnings I would give you though. First is about package manager. Pardus uses its own package format, and I am not sure you can find all the software you need there. Pardus team promises a lot, but I can’t guarantee. Of course, “compile from source” way is always available. Second, community support is limited. There are definitely less Pardus users than say Mandriva/Mageia or (K)ubuntu.
  • Kubuntu. It’s good for beginners. It is easy. It has good support from either Ubuntu or Kubuntu forums (kubuntuforums.net is very user-friendly community). I had some issues with 11.04 version which made me change the system. If not those issues, I would stick to Kubuntu still.

If you don’t mind, I would add come more options to your list.

  • First, CTK Arch. I was very much impressed with this system (spin of Arch actually). It is "Fast and Furious". The downside here - it is not for beginners. You need to be mid-level Linux user, I think, to get all the benefits of this system. That is true for any Arch-based system actually.
  • Then, Fedora KDE. Not bad at all. There was a minor issue which stopped me from choosing Fedora over the Mageia, but you may find it different.

And finally, here come 2 kings.

  • Debian KDE. I have installation of Debian GNOME and have never tried KDE version. But you may wish to have a look. Obviously, KDE is not default option for Debian, but I am more than sure that KDE version will work very well. Honestly, I am very inclined to look into this option myself. Young “nephew” of Debian KDE is Aptosid. It’s pretty good too, if you’re not scared with “testing” environment.
  • Slackware. KDE is default here. The downside of Slack though that it is not for newbies. It requires quite a lot of manual configuration work. If you are not scared with getting your hands dirty, than try. I have not tried Slackware yet, because it does not have Live CD and because I am still little bit scared.

Choice is basically depends on your experience with Linux and wish to dig it further to get things set specifically as you require. With Kubuntu on one polus and Slackware on another, choice is yours.
Most of these options are available as Live CD, so you can try them before you install. The only exception is Slackware, as I mentioned above.
You can use approach I used for buying SLR camera: try all the options you consider. When you feel something to be part of you, this is correct choice. Only your heart and mind can give you good advice here.
If you can’t download and burn disks yourself, you can use service at Buy Linux CDs site to order. If you don’t see the distribution you’d like to try in the list, use a contact form to ask about availability.
Interested in KDE features you may be unaware of? Then look at books about KDE.

And what is YOUR favourite KDE distro?

UPDATE: Do you want to know what was selected as best KDE distro by readers of this blog? Then check voting results!


  1. Your issues with Mint KDE are rather moot seeing as it is to move from being *buntu based to being Debian based.

    Might you not also consider Aptosid and Chakra...I find Chakra to be an excellent choice.

  2. wowww thank you. I've been very happy.
    This is a difficult decision :) what do you think about install kde package in ubuntu and enter gdm.or install kubuntu with grub? which?

  3. @Gladys:
    Yes, I am aware about Mint KDE and Debian. But, opposite to Mandriva, there is no release date AFAIK.
    I have quite mixed feelings about Chakra, that's why did not include it into the list. Aptosid is in the list... next to Debian.

  4. @omergex:
    Why install KDE package in Ubuntu if you can install Kibuntu? Mixing different DEs won't be good from my perspective. You'll have similar applications from 2 different DEs and will confuse yourself which one you use: is gedit from Unity or KDE?

  5. I've tried most over the past eight or nine years, but it's been Kubuntu for the past three years or so.

  6. You have to tweak PCLinuxOS? Seriously, their forum is the best there is if you ever, and I doubt you will, have to tweak it. I've had problems with every major distro at some point. Also, though tweaking is expected in Fedora, I've had to tweak Ubuntu quite a bit, despite users claims that it's not needed. Then, when you do, up comes the terminal...

    PCLinuxOS is my favorite distro ever. I've used Linux for many years, and have tried and used every major distro there is, and some that are now gone. It's not perfect, but it sure beats the pants off anything else I've tried.

  7. I personally prefer MEPIS for KDE. It works and has all the software that Debian offers and more.

  8. I prefer PCLinuxOS KDE then Mepis KDE as my choices.

  9. PCLOS is for newbies. It does not need to be tweaked at all.

  10. Arch Linux + Any WM or DE , is the best.

  11. If you check the website, you will see that PCLinuxOS-LXDE has "User Level: Intermediate, Advanced" in its description. http://www.pclinuxos.com/?page_id=188

    PCLinuxOS-KDE has "User Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced."

    How does answering a question about PCLinuxOS-KDE with only some experience with PCLinuxOS-LXDE make sense?

    Any road, if you had to tweak LXDE, what were you trying to do? Make it something other than what it is?

  12. When it comes to distributions with KDE 4 is any list, how ever short is must be, incomplete without openSUSE.

  13. I started with RedHat 5.1 long time ago, then switched to Mandrake when it came out. Them used Yoper, Fedora, Frugalware and various others, and eventually ended up with PCLinuxOS on my desktop (and Centos on my server), that have been using for over 5 years without major problems and I only had to reinstall it once. While I found that people on forums of other distros were impatient, often showing of how good they were and put you down for not having read the man pages or not knowing something you were supposed to know, the PCLinuxOS forum stands out head and neck from the others as the community is very helpful towards everybody and don't expect you to be rocket scientists. A big thank you to them.

  14. 'KDE is not default option for Debian'

    Well, it is the default option is you use KDE CD.

    Look for iso images ending in -kde-CD-1.iso


  15. I'm from Norway and have been using Linux for over 10 years now. I've tested a lot of options out there. The last year I have tested many different Linux distributions, all of those here mentioned. But you should have a system that actually works and is very easy to install, set up and use? then PCLinuxOS-kde the best there is in Linux today. Pardus was very good but very slow. The same can also be said about Kubuntu, slow. Mint kde, too many bugs, slow. OpenSUSE, terrible fonts, almost impossible to fix without ever letting the network, although this did not help me. Mandriva was once useful, actually bought a time from there, but the last RC2 I tested, also have large font issues. It also had a miserable StartMenu, but that can be replaced with another. Anyway, no more Mandriva on me. In the case of the other mentioned items as Arch and Debian, so hear them home with the advanced users and not compatible with standard users. Judging from what I've tested, so I do not take up all the mistakes and omissions here would be too much typing. But there is no doubt again PCLinuxOS 2011.6 kde is the best KDE distribution 2011 so far. About PCLinuxOS again kde okay with if you like to put up bits and bobs in the system, desk etc, I consider that as nonsense and nonsense and do not belong in 2011.

  16. http://home.broadpark.no/~linuxgnu/

  17. My favorite KDE distro has been PCLinuxOS for some time (since v0.81) now. My kids use it also, with no problems. It's generally quite foolproof on install, unless you have some really odd or very new hardware. We also like the LXDE version for the old boxes around here. Eagerly awaiting a 64-bit release.


  18. I think alot of the PCLinuxOS negativity boils down to jealously. Take some of the users of larger distros for example. They cant understand how a small, underfunded group of dedicated individuals can produce such a marvelous piece of work and compete with the big boys. The fact is all distros have at least a little bit of tweaking to do. Ubuntu is a nightmare to tweak from my experience.The fact that you may have to tweak PCLinuxOS a little as a reason to down it is not a valid argument imho. As for out of the box useability PCLinuxOS is difficult to beat in any flavor. I prefer KDE my self but the other desktop environment releases are awesome too. Pound for pound PCLinuxOS is the best KDE release out there. They get the most out of the little funding they have. One other thing stands out. The devs and Texstar them selves actually listen to the user base. A lot of what you see in PCLinuxOS is what the users actually want. This is outstanding. Great distro, Great forum. What more could you ask for?.

  19. i think, i will install pclinuxos ;)

  20. PCLinuxOS is my KDE distro of choice and the ONLY distro I run on my desktop, laptop, and eeepc900 netbook. Yup, full-up KDE 4.6.5 on a 900MHz netbook. Sweet. I've used PCLOS for 6 years now. I have tried other "hot-new" distro releases (in VirtualBox), they're OK but I still come back to PCLOS. The rolling release philosophy keeps me updated with some of the latest apps, and all are tested before release so they don't hurt my stable installation. I really LIKE that. I'm not on any 6 month re-installation/upgrade cycle that seems to have too many very public issues every time. Tex and the Devs have my respect and loyalty and the Forums are a great resource of smart people. Yeah, we do get "fanboy-ish" once in a while, do you blame us? We're the little privately funded fish surrounded by giant corporate fish. Tex does KDE4.X the right way. Give it a spin.

  21. I distro hopped quite a bit before settling on PCLinuxOS, but after using it for the last year and a half I'm convinced I made the right choice. There are distros from bigger name companies, ones with more programs in their repositories, ones that are more "cutting edge", and ones with more polish, but in the end no distro brought to the table a better combination of features for my needs as a newbie than PCLinuxOS. All my hardware worked right out of the box, and the distro is ROCK STABLE. I love the rolling release and the fact that Texstar won't go final on anything until the software works. Who works harder than the PCLinux head developer. The forum is, well, like a family.... there for you when you need help, seldom judgmental, always interesting, and often funny. Let's not forget the monthly magazine. It's loaded with all sorts interesting and informative articles. Yes, it is PCLinux KDE for this boy ..... the winner hands down!

  22. @omergex:
    PCLOS is good choice. But don't rush. Link to this post was retwitted by 2 fans of PCLOS who have 500-700 followers each. That's why this post became a branch of PCLOS forum.
    Wait until other people add their opinion.
    You'll find yourself in the midst of holy war.

    1. Yes, you could say I too am a fan of PCLinuxOS (among others), but I am not one of your so called followers and have not followed a link from their site to get here.
      What I would like to know is if you have done the math yet?
      Even if what you say could be true, that still looks like a lot more PCLinuxOS users took the time to add feed back to your blog in order to help others on their quest for a good KDE OS.

    2. Yes, I know PCLOS community is much better than some others. I even have guest post from one of the comunity members who praises the community too.

  23. @Everyone:
    Thanks for your input.
    Sorry I can't answer all your comments.
    I would rather step aside and listen to the echoes of holy war.

    1. For someone who is willing to admit to having no actual experience with a particular DE, but still write an opinion about it, you should be ashamed to discount comments made by others that may not agree with you.
      My personal favourites are PCLinuxOS-KDE (to build it my way flavor), PCLinuxOS-Full Monty (best has everything KDE) and for another powerful has everything type DE (while not always KDE) Ultimate Edition is a great out of the box work. (the dot 2 versions are multi choice DE at boot and most have KDE)
      You should do more current homework with an open mind before judging others and leading new comers in your weighted direction.

    2. My first ever Linux was KDE-based SLAX. Mageia KDE is my current desktop #1. You should better read my blog before leaving piece of s&&&&t like this.

      Sorry, but you sound like a fanboy. "If your opinion is different from mine, it is wrong," - that's what you say.

      I'll delete all your future comments in this style.
      I am free to write whatever I want, and do whatever I want on my own blog.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. @DarkDuck you are right. and now i think mageia or opensuse or pclinuxos.

  25. @DarkDuck War drums beat. The campfires of an army of ardent PCLinuxOS users are scattered across the countryside. They await the morning light when they, like so many followers before them, will do battle with the infidels.
    LOL Yes, even as a PCLinux user I would say this poll is, at present, unfairly skewed!

  26. PCLinuxOS, Double Rainbows, all the way!

    Seriously, I hand out PCLinuxOS LiveCDs like
    Tic-Tacs. In fact just installed PCLinuxOS
    2011.6 over top Windows Vista on my father-inlaw's
    aging Acer machine and he LOVES it!

  27. It seems that you do not like mint menu.That is something strange.You can configure any os or any environment to your taste once you get going. That is linux!.

  28. PCLOS is great
    Nevertheless I use openSUSE

  29. There is no was talking about you like it or what, but for stability, at least wrong and easy for beginners, and then pclos the best choice. Some like tough challenges, but most people want things right out of the box. PCLinuxOS is the best choice for those who only use the computer, do not develop, explore, or like to live a little on edge.

  30. The first three I would recommend for new users would be

    Run each for a few days and decide which suits best ..... if none of them do, then search some more.
    I personally believe PCLOS is the best of the three, but others have different needs and their choices will be different.

  31. Kubuntu as it has served me well for a few years now :)
    I had tried PCLinuxOS a few years ago when it was slackware based and though it seemed fine, asking a question on their forum's got me flamed and my Q deleted without an answer...yes it was a real n00b type Q ..but I still needed an answer :(
    no I haven't tried in earnest any of the other one's mentioned becose I'v had no nead to stray from Kubuntu .....it just works .
    of course their have been a few things to "tweak" but their always is with any distro at some time or another :)


  32. Where is OpenSUSE?????????????

  33. Most definitely PCLinuxOS, hands down. Nothing beats it for hardware recognition, ease of installation, and just flat out working. Tweaking? That's rare.

  34. Using PCLinuxOS KDE and LXDE on a relatively new and on a 11 years old desktops more than a year and not a serious glitch. Never reinstalled and no plan to reinstall. Tweaking? No need of but if I want I can tweak a lot especially in KDE. If I wanted to tweak LXDE their forums are here or I can go to LXDE-forums. Take a look at PCLOS FullMonty version of KDE. It is OMG! if your machine is not too old. Cheers! ;-)

  35. Chakra is the number one
    Easy and power

  36. Vinnywright said...

    Kubuntu as it has served me well for a few years now :)
    I had tried PCLinuxOS a few years ago when it was slackware based and though it seemed fine, asking a question on their forum's got me flamed and my Q deleted without an answer...yes it was a real n00b type Q ..but I still needed an answer :(

    I think you are confused.
    PCLinuxOS was never ever Slackware based.
    Please edit your post

    Having said that, I think PCLinuxOS is a very good distro for beginners.
    Have done , and still do , the necessary amount of distro hopping just to stay in touch.
    I can't see me removing PCLinuxOS from my 3 computers in favor of any other.
    I recommend LinuxMint KDE as second and also like Mandriva and lately Mageia 1.1

    Yours :-)

  37. CTK Arch ?!? CTK uses Openbox. Think you mixed that up with Chakra, who started out as Arch + KDE + Live CD but are doing their own thing (i.e. package system) now.

  38. PcLinuxOs all the way.... i tryed them all.but nothing compares to it on my samsung Nc 10

  39. I tried lots of the indicated distros but the one I prefer and use is Slackware.

  40. I didn't find PcLinuxOs very appealing. I'd suggest you try aptosid. I really like deb packaging more as it is a lot faster. Really.

    There is also no clutter. There are only some handy utilities and the distro has one of the best documentation I have ever read.

  41. Gentoo has very well prepared KDE ebuilds. You can choose parts of KDE, full KDE, minimal KDE, metapackages for network, games etc. so your kde becames streamlined for you.

    No other above mentioned distro has this possibility, so Gentoo is the best choice of course.

  42. Mandriva hands down. Even with the company issues and management issues, mandriva as a distro has always been rock solid for me. And they are one of the longest standing distros out there. Not that its without issues, as every distro has some issues, and many times they are all the same as everyone is using the same drivers and fighting the same proprietary holdups (like mp3,dvd,ect). It is easy to use, I would say easier than bumtu's. There is a utility for everything. They support every major desktop environment. I have been running linux since 1998, I have tried just about everything out there, and I always come back to mandriva. Have mandriva running superbly on systems ranging from tiny wireless condition monitoring units, to desktops, to full blown servers. Have servers with over 3 years uptime on them.

    Have been playing with mageia lately, nice work, mandriva based. Looks promising, and I feel right at home. Think I'll give them a few releases before I jump ship though.

  43. Where is Opensuse? It is where most of KDE development happens, it has the widest choice of KDE versions:

    et cetera et cetera...

  44. Oh well! :-)

    Linux has many excellent distros! Try all them by LiveCD without installing and you'll see... listen to me... PCLOS works out all of them now... no matter if you are beginner, intermediate or expert. Experts: soon a CLI-only PCLOS is out, he-he.

  45. opensuse not run my laptop. now i install pardus and not problem intallation. very usefull distro. honey :)

  46. Aptosid is sid, not testing, huge difference, and yes, I use aptosid. :)

  47. Hi Dark duck, you forgot my favourite which is OpenSUSE although it had a few challenges originally with early versions of KDE 4.
    Marcus (from TBS!)

  48. Chakra is very good - highly impressed with the latest release and this from someone who does not generally like kde

  49. Another vote for PCLinuxOS, I have tried Mint which was pretty good, but keep coming back to PCLinuxOS.

  50. kubuntu 11.04 is the best. esp for my toshiba satellite c655 64 bit.

  51. I don't understand how come you left out Opensuse, I just installed this weekend and I should say Opensuse KDE rocks!
    I wanted to try PCLINUXOS, but they don't have a 64bit edition yet.....
    I wanted to try Mageia, but they don't have a live cd 64bit yet...
    I will and want to try the New Mandriva that is coming out, UI looks awesome, but I will stick with OpenSuse for long time, I rememeber seeing that when KDE 4.7 was released the KDE website had a link for Opensuse, but not any other distros, that shows how fast and how close they work with KDE!!!

  52. Not only did you leave out OpenSUSE, which I think comes with KDE as the default, you also left out Fedora KDE, which works very well. I am a regular user of the latter.

  53. Ah, my bad: You gave Fedora its due. Thank you very much and apologies (I think this old laptop skipped over it on scrolling down). I would like to know what the "minor issue" was that made you skip Fedora

  54. Well the best KDE distro is Slackware as it's rock solid.
    Kubuntu has the worst KDE integration of all distros i ever tried.
    Arch is also pretty good.
    The best isn't an "easy" distro but and working one.

  55. I've tried many of the distros listed above and always come back to OpenSUSE. Even the version that first offered KDE 4 (I think it was 11.0), the one that got so much negative press, was great for me. I think much of the negativism came from folks who'd liked KDE 3.x and just didn't like change. I'm presently running OpenSUSE 11.4. on several PCs. I think it came with KDE 4.4. I've now upgraded to 4.6 and think it's the best KDE ever.
    One other thing.. The folks participating on forums.opensuse.org are the best! Friendly and responsive and, most important, knowledgeable.

  56. Nope, I don't like the spam, even from PCLOS and I have used PCLinuxOS almost exclusively for 4 and a half years, is the only distro in the 6 computers at home and all family use it (except my wife who will keep XP until there is no more computers in this world).

    The original question is: "What is your best favorite KDE distro?" and your answer is: "I have tried only LXDE version of PC Linux OS, not KDE one. My impression is that PCLOS is not for beginners."

    You are talking about something you didn't even try so you are responsible in part for the reaction If you want to step aside that is OK but I think you should stand and recognize your mistakes


  57. I've found that an excellent Debian choice for MANY Desktop Environments (KDE, XFCE, LXDE...etc) is to use the Netinstall method to install the base Linux system, and then to 'apt-get install' the particular DE and its accompaniments (utilities+...).
    Sure, you lose out on some performance tweaks that you'd get from the default DE install ---- e.g., Debian xfce+lxde, Debian kde, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, ...etc) ---- but at least this minimal Netinstall + DE-install can give you a good headstart for the "feel" of different desktop environments.
    Just mentioned as a thought here......

  58. Pardus 2011.1

  59. I'm afraid I'm just another PCLinuxOS fan.

    No wish for war, it just works for me.

    I've tried lots of distro's over the years, from suse to mandrake to redhat and then mandriva ubuntu, kubuntu etc etc

    But isn't that the beauty of Linux.........CHOICE !

    I'm not a Linux expert, just a user with basic knowledge, And I choose PCLinuxOS because it suits my needs better than any other distro.
    IE: it just works out the box with all my hardware, and it "feels right".

    This may not be the case for you, and you are free to choose any other distro that feels right for you.

    All the best with your Linux adventures, whatever distro you prefer.

  60. What is the only distribution to stick with KDE as the default desktop for 13 straight years - going on 14? Nearly the entire history of the distro. What is the only distro that works closely with the KDE team, and has contributed more code to KDE than any other development team? What is the only distro that personalizes every aspect of how KDE interacts with the entire OS? Which distro has consistently made Firefox and OpenOffice (and now LO) run like native KDE apps?

    My favorite OS for the past dozen years - SuSE/openSUSE.

  61. For me arch is the best of all..i really in love with it...

  62. I think that is Chakra Linux the best! Why is simple, very fast and allways up to date, becouse Chakra is rolling distro. Its never crash or not working...its stabile and fast distro.

  63. I used KDE in Linspire, and moved over to Linux Mint gnome and gnome 3 sucks and that is why I am even looking at KDE again Mint has KDE in Mint 10 form but no Mint 11. Kubuntu is ok but not as finished as I am used to. The main tool in Mint that is lacking in most distros is the "open as administrator (root)"...haven't seen that tool anywhere except in Mint KDE

  64. Fantastic!! I'm going to use your method to test hammers:

    Let's start from the point that I will not test X-Brand's hammer, only their shovel. I found X-Brand's hammer too hard to use and not for beginners.

  65. @Anonymous:
    You are free to use any method you like.
    As long as you have followers, all the methods acceptable.

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    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  66. fml, finally i readed this wall of text ._.
    I think arch is good choice, openSuse too, but not my choice.

  67. Don't be scared by Slackware, although it doesn't have graphical tools to configure your system it is extremely simple to configure and the documentation is very friendly and precise. It teaches you the basics of linux and how it works. It helps you very much. I have learned linux using Slackware and I think this is perfect for a newbie who wants to learn something. This is the most pure and unix-like distribution. Simplicity is the key :) (I think the only thing it lacks is a package manager that supports dependencies, that would make installing new software much easier)

  68. It also installs very fast, in a few minutes :)

  69. hands down kubuntu has took top kde distro. suse installs but repos and is sluggy. mint... lol nay....some of others offer to little to be a desktop but more of a play play. Kubuntu is most robust and smoothest KDE distro there is. if have problems with kubuntu think of migrating away from dell,hp and name computers that offer little for performance. and go full custom.

  70. Best kde distro is and always will be opensuse. Arch is not any de wm distro if it would use kde as default then arch would be the best. Chakra is just arch with kde and the bundle system is not that good. Maybe later chakra would be the best but for now tthey are not a real distro yet. Opensuse is nr one when it comes to kde myself i use arch with kde and i will never change and i always use opensuse in virtualbox. Pardus was great to bad it died.

  71. Anyone willing to read this whole blog, should come away with a fair idea of what is out there. I got here by doing a google search for best KDE OS.
    I did like the 2nd link much better, as it spoke of many different OS and gave pros & cons for each.
    I give praise to darkduck for his efforts here but suggest a possible name change is needed.
    Don't worry Duck in the Dark, I will waste no more time on your blog, as you seem to delete anything that you do not like anyway.
    Have a great life...

  72. My favorite KDE distribution is Trinity-DE, the fork of KDE3.5.

  73. Hi all. I'm not going to discuss here what's the best kde distro, but just point a side of it which, for me, is very important: the startup time, since hitting power button until having a working desktop. I've done a little experiment/comparative with several distros and I've been very surprised by the results. I hope they might be of interest for you. My comparative is here: http://pablog.tunalkan.com/fastest-kde

  74. Opensuse is also a reliable kde distro.

  75. It's been a while. I could not resist. Anyone done the math yet?

  76. PCLOS 25
    SUSE 12
    No Answer 8
    Chakra 4
    Slackware 4
    Removed 3
    Other 3= Mrpis 2 & Trinity 1
    Aptosid 2
    Pardus 2
    Arch 2
    Kubuntu 2
    Mint 2
    Gentoo 2
    Debian 1
    Fredora 1
    Magria 1
    Mandriva 1
    Trinity 1
    Note: The total does not work, also 2 posts gave a top 3, so I gave 1 to each of the three. A few could be interpreted the wrong way, but the just of it all is plane.
    The actual totals did surprise me, but I am sure the results would be different if taken now or at a different time because of release dates and so on.
    I do like kubuntu some, like mint better, but love & use PCLOS. Just my view, Dan

    1. Dan, there was a flash-mob from PCLOS fans on this post. This explains the majority of PCLOS answers here.
      Actually, PCLOS is a very active community in terms of flash-mobs and promoting of their distribution.

  77. True!
    What about SUSE vs Kubuntu & Mint?
    I would not have imagined that one...

  78. My point is you are showing Kubuntu as number 1, with 32 pros, by your count, and I see it near the bottom, with only 2 pros.
    You show PCLOS with only 7, I got 25. OK, you mentioned a mob thing... But did you just swing those votes over to Kubuntu then?
    We both seem to agree that SUSE came in 2nd, just that I see 12 pros and you show 30.
    I understand that numbers could be different, because you did your math at a different time than me.
    Have you tried the recent Kubuntu 13.04 Alpha 1? Funny, they only did the KDE Alpha...
    Thanks for your time and effort. Cheers!

    1. You should know that article appears before the comments. That's why article shows my position, and comments show the opinions of readers.

      I have not tries Alpha version of Kubuntu, as I have never tried alpha version of any other distribution.

  79. "And what is YOUR favourite KDE distro?"

    "UPDATE: Do you want to know what was selected as best KDE distro by readers of this blog? Then check voting results!"

    This is what I compared my findings to.
    Enough said, again thanks for your effort, Dan