1 Jul 2011

How YOU can help this blog

Hello my dear readers!
This blog is over 8 months old and now is more than 100 posts long.
You, my constant readers, may enjoy reading it. You may laugh of my mistakes (both in English or in Linux). You may wish to help...
The question would be how you can help...
Well. There are some ways to do so:
  1. I always welcome guest posts. If you have something to share with wider public, but don't know a place to do this, tell me what your thoughts are, and we'll publish it as guest post. Or you can become co-author of this blog if you wish.
  2. Give me fresh ideas. Being they about blog design, new areas to cover, anything interesting. All are welcome, both in form of help or just idea of improvement.
  3. Promote the blog. Tell anyone who is interested in Linux about this blog. Being it your friend, relative, colleague, or just person in computer shop. You can ask them to join mailing list, follow on Twitter or "like" on Facebook.
  4. Use affiliate links. Do you purchase anything from Amazon? If yes, then you can search books using  Amazon widgets. If you're looking for something else, just click Amazon logo on the widget to get full site open. Currently I use widgets from Amazon UK (you can see it right on this page) and from Amazon USA, which is accessible here. Every time you make a purchase via those links, I earn some commissions which help me to sustain this blog.
  5. Help yourself or your friends to get CDs with Linux. This is what sister site Buy Linux CDs is about. You can place orders for CDs to be delivered to the UK, USA or worldwide. This is another form of financial help which you can give this blog.
Do you have any other ideas which can be useful? Don't keep them for yourselves: share. There are several methods listed on About me page.


  1. I once had a CD that allowed me to "run an entire OS" in linux via that CD. I lost it and although I have googled, i can't find anything like it. Can anyone help?

  2. @Dave Lucas:
    each CD with Linux is complete "entire OS". Maybe you're talking about additional software?
    I would think about Knoppix which is packed with software right out of the box and can be ran in Live mode.

  3. you are right... knoppix provides a fully packed live os cd.

  4. Пишите статьи и на русском, поменяйте дизайн немного, а то у меня чуть глаза не вытекли.

    1. Блог не ориентирован на русскоязычную аудиторию. Смею Вас уверить, за рубежом читателей данного блога наберется гораздо больше, чем в русскоязычном сегменте Интернета.

      Насчет дизайна - что конкретно не нравится?

  5. Thats great, but how, im a technician repair phone, how can i participate on here website linux

    1. You can write your own articles about your Linux experience, this will be very useful for other readers.