25 Jun 2011


Image by twicepix
This is post #101 on this blog.
Don't believe it?

Try to summarize numbers below:
Jun 2011 (10)
May 2011 (16)
Apr 2011 (16)
Mar 2011 (13)
Feb 2011 (11)
Jan 2011 (12)
Dec 2010 (8)
Nov 2010 (6)
Oct 2010 (8)
If you are not good in maths, I will tell you: 100.
This means that this post is #101.
Just another reason to celebrate. 8-)

Many celebrations are also used to announce something new. I will also use this chance.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce new site: Buy Linux CDs.
You are aware that this blog featured page with same name since very beginning. Now I moved same page into separate domain name and platform. Commercial and information parts are now split, though remain very tied to each other.
Being moved to another domain and another platform, Buy Linux CDs page got much more functionality. It has separate pages for offers specific to the UK, USA and worldwide.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now welcome to make your own purchases on that site!


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