10 Mar 2011

DarkDuck in Quadro Boot

I tried few dozens of different Linux distributives already and wrote my notes about them in this blog. You can see them listed on the right column of the page in Labels section. And recently several people asked me same question. So...

  • How many Linuxes I do actually have installed on my computer? 

Here is my answer.
My Compaq C300 laptop is quadro-boot. 
Yes, like this Quadro Boot which you see on your right.

  • Which systems do I have?

  1. Windows XP. It came pre-installed on this laptop. And I reinstalled it from backup CDs when original 40Gb HDD failed and I had to replace it with new 500Gb one. I boot it from time to time, because of some specific applications which I use rarely and don't want to install in any of my Linuxes.
  2. Ubuntu. This is first "serious" Linux on my laptop. I had frugal "install" of SLAX before, but then it was replaced. It was originally 10.04 LTS version, which I later upgraded to 10.10.
  3. Kubuntu. This is second "serious" Linux. It was installed immediately after Ubuntu. In fact, my GRUB2 is managed from Kubuntu. Same as Ubuntu: original 10.04 was upgraded to 10.10.
  4. Debian Squeeze. This OS was installed from second attempt when first failed. Previously I kept Puppy 5.1.1 on that partition, but decided to move it away for the sake of Debian testing. 

  • How long will Debian OS live here? 

I don't know yet. I have plans to test new release of OS which was just released (guess which one?) If they have working Live version (and I think they have), then Debian will stay for some time. Otherwise it will be replaced with something new.
Although, I have no plans to replace Ubuntu or Kubuntu with something else at this point of time.

  • Why do I have Ubuntu and Kubuntu installed side-by-side when I can have GNOME and KDE on one system and select Desktop Environment during boot?

My answer is that I want "vanilla" OS. Both GNOME and KDE have lots of their own functionality and DE-dependent applications. Having both of them in one system will mess up my understanding what is KDE and what is GNOME.

  • Which of those 3 Linuxes do I prefer more?

Kubuntu. Because of KDE.

  • Why KDE?

I don't know... Once I sat down and decided to put all the pros and contras of KDE and GNOME in one list. Result was quite strange... Let me think about them a little, and stay tuned... I will announce it soon

In the meantime, if you want to get any Linux distro, which I have on installed on my laptop, you can Buy Linux CDs from the dedicated web page. There are actually much more than 3 distros I have listed above.

And how many systems do you have installed? What is your preference for them? Share it!


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