17 Jan 2011

Have We Got There Yet?

I have done several attempts to Debian Linux so far. They were both related to Debian itself, or Debian with Mint remix.
Results are not very much promising so far.
But LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) is a rolling release. Changes are constant there. I was told that there can be a difference when I get newer version.
Let's see.
So, LMDE image is downloaded. It is version 2011.01.
There is kind of mess with versions of LMDE. That's due to error found in 2010.12 32-bit, found right after release. More details here.
ISO file size is more than 700Mb, so CD-RW is not an option this time again. DVD-RW is burnt and loaded into my Toshiba laptop drive. Reboot. Choose to boot from DVD drive. Let's go!

Visually version 2011.01 has no differences from my previous run.
Does it work any better with Realtek WiFi cards? That's what I was going to check. At least, network is shown in taskbar as two disconnected parts of a wire.
Clicking on that icon, and there is still nothing available in terms of WiFi networks. Network Connections in System Settings part of menu shows same. I can only conclude that LMDE is still not able to work on my Toshiba laptop.
Anyway, bad result is still a result. There will be another chance to test Debian in my blog, and you will surely hear that it works for me. Some time. But not today...

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  1. hi there, what is this contest about? is it about linux?
    you didnt give us a hint.

  2. Contest will be announced very soon. Please continue to track the blog! Or, better, subscribe for e-mails!

  3. Ive used Ubuntu, and have changed to Mint. It seems much tidier.