14 Jan 2011

Another reason to celebrate?

Hello everyone!

Today is 14th of January 2011. What does it tell you?
For those who ARE in Russia, this is "Old New Year". Confusing, isn't it? :-)
But for all the readers of my blog this is another reason to celebrate!

My first post was published 3 months ago! Yes, this little baby is 3 months old now! We celebrated when it was 1 month old, so why not celebrate 3 months?
Again, 14th if October 2010 is day when first English post was created. There were some Russian posts, which I translated into English later and removed from the blog. So, from now on let's say that 14th of October is official Birthday.

This is a tradition that hero of the day gets presents. Let's break it! Today I'll do you all a present. To be exact, the present will be handed to you later, but you can do first step to get it right now!

In few days time I will announce a contest. What will it be and what will be the prize - all will be announced later. No-no-no, this will not be a bikini contest!
Today I am only going to tell you that I will wait for your e-mails with answers to my questions. Prize(s) will be given to randomly chosen contestants. The condition though will be that e-mail which you send me your answer from should be listed in e-mail subscribers' list on the closing day of contest. So, do yourself a favour and subscribe to my blog. Doing this, you will:

  • ensure you will not miss my contest announcement, and
  • book yourself a place in the contest.

I wish you all a good luck!


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