Racecource scoreboard

This page has been discontinued after change in hardware I made. It would not be very fare to compare boot time of systems when the playground is different.
Although, you are free to review results as they were before hardware change.

Different versions of Linux have different boot time.
Here is a table where you can compare this time. Conditions of the run are described in one of my posts.

System Boot source Time Comments
Ubuntu 10.10 HDD 65 sec

Kubuntu 10.10 HDD 68 sec

Ubuntu 11.04 HDD 43 sec

Trinity Kubuntu 10.10 USB 110 sec

Puppy 5.1.1 HDD frugal install 61 sec With KDE 3.5.12 which is not standard for Puppy
Fluppy 010 USB 57 sec
Damn Small Linux (DSL) CD 90 sec With SATA support, no network
Fedora 13 USB 107 sec
Fedora 14 CD

224 sec

Network without Internet

Fedora 15 KDE USB 137 sec
SLAX USB 70 sec

Porteus USB 50 sec

CentOS 5.5


227 sec

No network

CentOS 5.6


224 sec

No network

CentOS 6.0


81 sec

Linux Mint 10 Julia CD

196 sec

No network
Linux Mint XFCE (Debian) USB

67 sec

No network
PC Linux OS 2010.12 LXDE CD

226 sec


69 sec

Debian HDD

55 sec

Mandriva 2010.2 KDE CD

413 sec

Mandriva 2011 USB

213 sec

No network
Mageia 1 KDE HDD

66 sec

CTK Arch 0.7 USB

65 sec

Manual network restoring after boot