1 May 2018

Linux Mistakes Newbies Make

If you are new to the world of Linux, it is important to learn from the mistakes that others have made before you so that you can avoid making them yourself. After all, while some mistakes can simply be annoying, others can be costly. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the common Linux newbie mistakes to avoid.

Assuming you do not need to worry about security

This is something that a lot of people are guilty of doing. They assume that because they are using a Linux desktop, they do not need to give security a second thought. Yes, it is true that Linux is much more secure when compared with operating systems, but this does not mean that hacks have never happened before. Head to https://www.process.st/server-security/ for some tips on securing your Linux desktop.

Skipping Linux updates

If you have moved from the world of Windows to Linux, you may be tempted to skip the updates because Microsoft updates have caused you such nightmares in the past. However, this is something you do not need to worry about with Linux. Moreover, each new upgrade brings added features and security patches, so you really cannot afford to skip them.

Giving up too quickly

Yes, you may find Linux incredibly frustrating and difficult to begin with. Of course you are going to. After all, you have been used to using something a certain way for many years now, and so making the switch can be difficult to adjust to. The same would apply no matter what operating system you moved to. You need to give it some time and you will soon realize it is the best switch you could have possibly made.

Failing to choose a bespoke software provider

If you are integrating Linux into a business environment, you need a company that can understand the unique makeup of your business and cater to this with their bespoke development services. You can find out more about this by visiting https://www.intellectsoft.net/services/mobile-development. Aligning with a reputable tech partner is always critical, as they can provide their expert assistance both now and in the future when your business grows.

Choosing the wrong distribution

Last but not least, selecting the wrong distribution is something that a lot of new users do. Yes, Fedora, Slackware, and Gentoo are all exceptional distributions. However, for new users, they can have you running for the hills. You need to consider your hardware, needs and ability before you select the distribution you are going to use. Don't start off with something too advanced.

So there you have it: some of the most common mistakes that newbies make when using Linux desktops for the first time. While it can be challenging to get to grips with a new platform, it is important to avoid the blunders mentioned above if you want everything to run smoothly.

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  1. Thinking Linux is MS Windows and treating it the same way. And by this i mean running everything as root (administrator) and searching the internet for software and (force) installing whatever junk you find instead of using the official repo's. It's a bit related to your first point about security.